10 Perks Of Dating A B.Tech Student From Hyderabad

B.Techs are engineers but engineers are not B.Techs.. for the fact that unlike engineers, B.Techs from Hyderabad are not just technical problem solvers but can solve any problem under the sun – ‘Like a Boss’. Thats what makes them desirable. Here are a few reasons why you should date Hyderabadi B.Tech.

Money management gurus

Do you know how to party, have fun and travel with a ‘welter-weight wallet‘? Ask a B.Tech student who is undeniably good at two things..being broke and bunking college! He grew to be more and more creative every time he opened his wallet to pay at the ‘pani puri bandi’ and hence will please you with his creative date ideas and surprises.


Pleasing people – Peice of cake

Attending colleges only during exams, B.Techs generally have very low to I’ve-seen-you-somewhere attendance. This however doesn’t effect them as they have the skills to convince their lecturers into not failing them in internals & labs. So convincing your parents to marry you should be a piece of cake – in spite of being jobless and broke – of course.

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Time management is a born art

We’ve all been through times where we missed an alarm, had only an hour to get ready. But for B.Techies, ye toh roj ka mamla hai. They can get up at 8.30 am and reach college by 9.30 am that is 30 kms away!! This includes getting ready and commuting. So forget planning in advance. Feel free to shock him with sudden plans and what shocks you is that the one who is late is….YOU!


Stress? Whats Stress?

Known for doing everything important ‘LAST’ (and still nail it), these lads kick the word ‘stress’ out of their dictionaries. From 1-day battings to unrealistic commitments they’ve seen it all. Dump all your last moment plans on him and he wont fret the least. Ask him for last minute movie tickets and he will even manage to get tickets for a show that has already started!


Your night’s Knight

“Now..Really?? who sleeps in the night when there is enough time to sleep through boring lectures of morons teaching about electrons and its god forsaken properties!” As per a B.tech student, nights are meant to hang out with a sutta in the right hand and a beer can in the left. So if you date this dude, you can call him anytime and don’t get a shock when he takes your call in one ring at 3 am!!

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You are dating a writer & a creator

Have you ever seen the answer sheet of a B.Tech student? A thick booklet with Picasso sketches and the script of bajrangi bhaijaan will blow your mind. They can create endless baseless text out of thin air! And when he writes a love letter, you feel you’re reading a manual that makes zero sense.

Note: The word ‘love’ appears randomly through out the love letter to convince you that you are reading one.


Valuable = YOU

When you don’t have something in abundance, you value it. This goes true for B.Techs. Due to the low guy-girl index, 4 years of college has taught him the importance of having you around and suddenly supports the ‘ladki bachao ladki padhao‘ campaign. Also, he seldom cheats as there are limited number of girls in his college….if at all. So competition is out of question.

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Still Valuable after he gets placed !!

Usually its a shame in the community if one completes the B.Tech course within 5 years without immense struggle and effort!! However after completion, if lucky, he might get placed in a company where usually the guy-girl index is…….again negligible. So,

Zero competition = More concentration on you………..exactlyyy


The most patient thing in human form

B.Tech rule#57 – “Never pass an exam in the first attempt. Its a disgrace and a shameful act!” B.Techs usually write an exam twice, thrice and sometimes frice & with their willpower maxed out they become more patient & silent than Manmohan Singh! And yes, relationships need a lot of that to succeed. So, your endless talking and 100’s of senseless questions are answered patiently with no signs of irritation.


Your map and GPS

Spending 4 years of college life wandering the city, he knows all the routes, places including short cuts and bypasses. He’s got plenty of time and you will rarely come across one who says “I have no time”. Need dhaaru on Oct 2nd? 3 places found near you. Biryani at 1 am? Home delivery available! All in a very low budget – of course.