10 Movies of Infidelity True Lovers Should Not Watch

When someone gets a thought in mind – to cheat or not to cheat in a relationship, chances are the person is probably going to cheat! A true lover never even thinks of the word cheating. Here are some popular movies from Hollywood where infidelity takes charge. These are some films a person with a true heart may find taboo.

1. Same Time, Next Year

Despite both being happily married, with six children between them, Doris and George meet at a dinner and indulge in an affair. Later they agree to meet once every year to rekindle the sparks they experience at their first meeting. The movie has some very powerful emotive scenes where most true lovers might find hard to digest.


2. Derailed

The two married meet on a train and a mutual attraction develops eventually, causing them to meet frequently. They decide to consummate their affair and wind up in a hotel. An armed guy bursts into the hotel room, beats the guy, and brutally rapes the girl. The duo decide not to lodge a complaint as it will be a mess letting the culprit take advantage by extorting money. Who knew cheating costs more than just a hotel.

3. To Die For

An ambitious but ruthless woman, dreams of being a world-famous news anchor. She marries a guy because she believes his family business will back her financially. She immediately plots to get rid of him when the guy asks her to take a break to start a family. While he is away she gets intimate with another guy and convinces him to murder the former. Though it is just a movie, don’t get a shock when you come across such people in real life.

4. Fatal Attraction

While his wife and daughter are out of town for the weekend, he has an affair with an editor. Though he thought it was understood to be a simple fling, she begins clinging to him and she even attempts suicide when he tries to avoid her. Slowly this turns into serious stalking which starts consuming his personal life.

5. Secret Window

A writer suffers a psychotic break when his wife has an affair with another man causing intense depression. He starts taking revenge and end up killing the two. This proves once again that cheating can lead to some serious consequences.

6. The Last Seduction

A Manipulative wife cheats on her drug dealer husband with an insurance salesman and devises an elaborate, almost diabolical scheme to get rid of her husband once and for all. When the a tries to convince you to kill people for her, be sure to double check who is the actual bad one.


7. Body Heat

A passionate affair commences between a small town lawyer and a married woman but it isn’t long before they realize the only thing standing in their way is the woman’s rich husband. As usual they plot a murder plan which takes several twists and turns.

8. The Best Man

A married black architect husband contemplates having an affair with a white girl from work making his already taboo racial relationship even worse.


9. Closer

This movie portrays how cheating complicates a relationship not only between the couple but also between friends. The relationships of two couples become complicated and deceitful when the man from one couple meets the woman of the other.

10. Dial M For Murder

A wealthy woman has a brief love affair with an American writer while her husband, a professional tennis player is on a tennis tour.