These 8 Romantic Dinner Places In Bangalore Will Surely Impress Your Date

If finding a date is one task, finding a romantic dinner place that pleases your date is another. Though Bangalore is a city with literally thousands of beautiful restaurants and hangout spots, we’ve composed these 8 places that you can quickly choose from to make your life easier. With the right ambiance, feel, appeal, and heavenly food, these places will definitely spice up things between you two!

By The Blue, Koramangala

If you happen to go to this place with your friends, you instantly regret for the kind of ambiance and appeal this place has got. It is definitely meant for a romantic date. A serene and quiet place and perfect setting for a relaxed meal with your date. Try getting a table by the pool side for a better experience.

by the blue

Benjarong, Ulsoor

Benjarong literally translates to “five colors” pertaining to painted porcelain. The food served here represents these five colors and pleasures the five senses of the human body. If you wish to take your date to an authentic Thai place, you are spot on.


Olive Beach, Richmond Road

A Perfectly lit dining area with beautiful candles placed all around makes this place even more peaceful and romantic. Your date will love every inch of this place. If for some reason the place doesn’t please you, the desserts will definitely do the talking.

olive beach

Toscano, UB City

A chic restaurant with some great food. The chalk writing all over, wooden decor, wine decorations and the whole environment gives you an European feel. Now what can be more romantic than taking your date to an European place with great music and good food.


Sunny’s, Lavelle Road

This list doesn’t really make sense if we don’t mention this place. A converted villa with minimalist ambiance and subtle lighting makes it the ideal destination for a dinner date. You might want to go back to this place especially for its desserts.


Toit, Indira Nagar

One of the highest rated places in Bangalore, this place lives up to its expectations. . The ambiance, vibe, music and food will leave you awestruck. Though it is not a very quiet place your date will definitely give you a few brownie points for the amazing food.


The Glass House, Lavelle Road

Glasshouse surely has to be one of the best places in terms of ambiance for its beautifully designed glass ceiling  and an exotic bar counter. The perfumed candles not only light up the place but also charm you with a pleasant fragrance that makes a perfect setting for a romantic dinner.


Ebony, MG Road

Catch a glimpse of Bangalore’s pretty view and the wonderful cool breeze on your face. Its asset is its view and will surely not disappoint your date. However, be sure to reserve a table. You probably don’t wanna keep your date waiting for a table.


Images source: Zomato

Cover Image : Likethatonly, Bangalore