10 Best Places for a Couple Photoshoot around Bangalore

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While Bangalore city is mostly about traffic, markets and buildings, it is blessed with some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places in the entire nation. Here are 10 perfect places around Bangalore for a perfect couple photo shoot.

  1. Hesaraghatta Lake

This place is basically bird’s paradise of Bangalore. More than 28 species have been seen across this lake. While it will take more than just a day to engross in this naturally gifted place, couples can also check out nearby village. You can even create a perfect ‘Lagaan’ themed photo shoot in this scenic village.

Image 1

  1. Pottery Town

Pottery Town, located near Frazer town, is the perfect access for couples who want to capture their moments with still-life and creative photography. Imagine creating a ‘Dabaang’ photo shoot here. Your girl making pottery as ‘Rajjo’ and you as Inspector ‘Chulbul Pandey’. Awesome!

Image 2

  1. Turahalli forest

Surprised to find a forest in Bangalore? Located between Kanakpura road and Banerghatta, this place will be a perfect photo shoot location for wildlife lovers. You can also play with colors to create a gothic or a spooky photo shoot. Imagine ‘Haunted’ or ‘Raaz.’

Image 3

  1. Siddarabetta

While the majority of the travelers visit Channarayandurga for sight-seeing and cave-watching, very few people know about the nearby Siddarabetta and its unique natural spring. On a foggy winter morning, this place is a literal heaven for photographers. Are you wondering what would be the best photoshoot theme here? The mountain scene from TWILIGHT!

Image 4

  1. Anglo-Indian community at Whitefield

History is something that is best captured via photography. While most of the oldest landmarks in Bangalore are in ruins, this one still has retained its old charm.  Blessed with old-school architecture you can successfully don fluffy gowns and highly decorated men’s suit.

Image 5

  1. Ramanagaram

Popularly known as the Silk city of India, this place is known for its rocky hills and open space. Plus, for a Bollywood fan, this spot cannot be missed. ‘Sholay’ was shot here and what can be better than a Sholay-themed photo shoot at the ground where the movie itself was shot.

Image 6

  1. Nandi Hills

While every Bangalorean has heard of (or even visited) Nandi Hills, the charm of this scenic beauty never ceases out. If you want a mystic background visit just before sunrise and if you are yearning for utterly romantic surroundings, then wait for the sunset!

Image 7

  1. Hassan

Time for some medieval fun! Popular for its rich heritage, Hassan can be a great photo shoot location for couples. With a black-n-white background and colorful ethnic attires, the photographs will surely be breathtaking.

  1. Golden Palms Resort

Known for tasteful ambience, luxurious rooms and lavish facilities (such as pools) make this resort a perfect photo shoot location. Smile for some luxury shoots!

Image 9

  1. Yelagiri

Want to shoot across hills? The nearest and most beautiful attraction will be Yelagiri. Everything around the lake is mystifying; be it the lake, the stunning fauna, the beautiful path leading to the lake or the soothing greenery across the lake. This is your destination for perfect landscape photo shoots!

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