These 10 Things Will Work Your Mind Up When Your Bestie Is Getting Married

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Mere yaar ki shaadi hai, magar main khush nahi hun, hai kisi ke pyar ki shaadi, magar main khush nahi hun.’ As your best friend is getting engaged, you get addicted to this song. While it is one of the best days of his life and you are extremely happy for both the groom and the bride, you can’t stop thinking about the difficulties you are going to face once he gets trapped in the married bliss. Here are 10 things every guy thinks once his best buddy gets bride-zoned, a.k.a. Engaged!

  1. Couples, couples everywhere!

Earlier your gang-outings used to include only boys. But now that your best friend is engaged, you have to bear with more couples in the house. Slowly the single guys in your gang start moving out and you’re left feeling “Forever Alone”!

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  1. You can’t call them anytime you want!

Yes, a scary truth. Now you cannot pick your phone and call your bro at 3 am. Forget about doing pranks on him at 4 am.

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  1. The ‘wife’ is now going to run your best friend’s life!

And yours too, to some extent. If she is one of those jealous and obsessive types, you might actually end up asking for her permission to spend time with your best friend alone!

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  1. Whenever your best friend starts talking: You are bored!!

Now that he is engaged, all he talks about is buying furniture, his in-laws, how her fiancé cooks and what not. Gone are the days of when you both would endlessly talk about Sunny Leone and playboy magazines.

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  1. Whenever you visit your best friend’s house, you WILL NOW have to behave!

You will have to accept the fact that now you cannot bang into your best friend’s house, smack his back and say, ‘what’s up bro?’ Yes, for the first time ever, you might have to actually use the doorbell to get in!

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  1. ‘We’ time will soon become history.

Now that he is going to spend most of his time with his wife and her family, he won’t be able to spend time with you. Up for a drink? Maybe! Movie? 3 hours!! Not possible bro! Your friendship will now start to fade!

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  1. Spouse, spouse, why you here!

Now that your best friend is engaged, you will always have to book an extra ticket wherever you plan an outing with him. Yes, your best friend getting engaged means automatic addition of a new member in your private flock!

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  1. You will have to follow a dress code now!

You could show up wearing t-shirts with cheesy lines or your favourite boxer shorts – No More. Yes, time to dig up those old formals kept in the deep corner of your closet.

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  1. Fear of being nagged for marriage by your own parents too!

Yes! That is certainly going to happen. Your parents see how happy your best-friend’s parents are and they will nag you endlessly to get engaged too!

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  1. Alas! You will also have to change your lifestyle.

Your best friend is no more available 24×7. Hence, you will have to do things alone or with other friends, instead of your best friend.

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