Dating A Startup Entrepreneur? No.11 Will Make You Fall In Love Instantly

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Who says dating an entrepreneur is hard! They are fun-loving and lively. True, they might be having struggles in making it large, but hey, the risk is worth it! Here we present 15 worthy reasons why dating a  start-up entrepreneur can be the best thing for you.

  1. He is always high on imagination.

Entrepreneurs have active minds and they are always thinking of making their work better than ever before. This also applies to the girl they date. Be it making you laugh when you are depressed or turning that dining experience memorable by singing in front of the crowd, they will always make your day, in a creative way.

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  1. They are independent and without expectations

Startup entrepreneurs have expectations on the low end. They will treat you right, but you will never have to worry about showering them with gifts every time.

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  1. He will make you appreciate the smaller things in life.

They know how to enjoy within limited means. Soon you will find that having a candle light ‘homemade’ dinner at home is much better than hopping into an expensive but crowded restaurant!

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  1. They will love you forever, and ever, and ever…

Start-up entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of dating many women because of their financial instability and lack of time. So, if you have impressed him already then be sure, he will be by your side through thick and thin.

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  1. They will give you enough space

Running a startup means no fixed work time. This means he will not be clingy and wont call you every time you go out for a girls night-out.

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  1. They are passionate. And soon you will too!

They are passionate about their work and their life. His enthusiasm and positive attitude towards everything will surely inspire you to be like that!

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  1. You will become a great conversationalist

Start-up entrepreneurs have to talk their way out and they make sure that their point is heard. Dating an entrepreneur means you get to learn these skills for free!

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  1. They have millions in their bank accounts!

While most of it belongs to the investors, still they have millions!

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  1. His confidence will make you swoon over him

He has to impress investors for funding and this requires extreme level of confidence.

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  1. You will never be bored with his friends!

Most of his friends are start-up entrepreneurs. This means your outings will be full of fun-loving and lively people.

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  1. They are always positive

Consider this; they have to deal with rude and impossible investors and crying employees. But they always pick up the brilliance in them and make things work out right!

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  1. You will be dating a CEO. Literally!

Yes, he is the CEO of his startup and you can proudly say this to your friends and family!

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  1. He will always have one (or more) solution to each problem of yours.

Start-up entrepreneurs are used to multitasking as well as finding opportunities, even in worst case scenarios. Your solution provider to every issue!

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  1. Bitching about the boss, never!

 You will never have to worry about your boyfriend complaining about his boss!

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  1. Take the risk; you will definitely enjoy the benefit later.

And finally, once your start-up entrepreneur guy is settled, you both will be playing with millions of dollars!

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Cover photo : TVF