You Don’t Want To Break Up Over Texts In These 10 Embarrassing Ways

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Breakups are never easy. While breaking-up over texts are never classy, here are 10 hilarious break-up texts exchanged ever!

  1. Obviously the girl did not see this coming! Guess the guy came out after watching a fun-filled movie.


  1. Well, sometimes an auto-correct can also correct your life’s path! It was sooner or later for this poor guy.


  1. Oh my god! How can someone be so heartless! He deserved it.


  1. English! You need to speak English man!


  1. If only this person would have understood ‘sarcasm’.


  1. This could be the most brutally-hilarious break-up text one could ever come across. I mean marriage proposal over a text?


  1. This babe surely knocked you out, right?


  1. This girl should have been more careful, about the guy!


  1. Well, every time the sender was thinking about only break-up, so finally he got it!


  1. The poor girl was almost about to get married and she hasn’t even had a clue!