10 Reasons Why Dating A Journalist Is Like Striking Relationship Gold

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Journalists are the reason you have news channels. Some will say dating a journalist is hard due to lack of time or money. But they are honest and passionate, which is way more important. Here are 10 reasons why dating a journalist can transform your life, in a good way!

  1. They know the coolest places in town!

It is the nature of a journalist’s job is to know which are the best placers for everything. Be it the best coffee shop or Biryani house, your journo partner will never let you down when it comes to choosing the best place for outing.

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  1. Your free pass to all major events/shows in your city.

Journalists are invited to most of the events occurring in town for coverage and publicity. And they also get free passes for friends and families. And if you happen to date a lifestyle journalist then who knows, you might get a chance to meet your favorite actors or better Amitabh Bachchan in person!

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  1. You don’t need to see news channel anymore

Being a journalist means they need to keep abreast of latest topics, news both local and international. So, no more wasting money on newspapers and cables for news channels. You got your own live news network, anytime and anywhere!

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  1. Career boosters

In order to be ahead of competitors, journalists need to make a lot of contacts with people in high positions. This means you get to attend parties and dine with powerful business and political persons across the state.

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  1. They will never forget your birthday.

Journalists have an eye for detail. This means they will not only remember your birthday, but also your parent’s anniversary, your dog’s birthday, your licence plate, your first date and even your first kiss. So no more jhagras over not remembering dates!

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  1. You are their password keeper!

Journalists know everything. They know how to keep a girl happy. Their secret? they will not only give you their Facebook password, but also their password for LinkedIn account, twitter handle, their office number and fax number! No privacy, no jealousy and no jhagra!!

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  1. No over attachment

They don’t have too much time to spend on non-work activities. Most of them work day and night and whatever free-time they got, it will be yours. You will have enough space to spurge on your own activities and they will not bother you by calling all the time.

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  1. Your gateway to cool freebies

No no! We are not talking about general stationary, books or mugs. If your journo partner has good relationship with his colleagues, you might be wearing the cool gadget that has not been launched in the market yet!

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  1. They are great listeners

By default, people who choose journalism as their career value details and go to the deep ends of any conversation. They can also read between the lines and you can trust them with any secret!

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  1. You will become a favorite among your friends

Armed with the knowledge of latest launches, you become the ‘Google’. So, while your friends will be amazed by your sudden burst in knowledge about everything, you can also recommend them the best and latest of everything, be it books, gadgets or even eateries.

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