You Will Think Twice Before Posting Your Wedding Pics On FB After You See This

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Marriages are once-in-a-life-time events (sometimes more than once) for every bride and groom. But they can be equally hilarious and wicked if we come to know about the actual thoughts of the guests, friends and families around. Here are some hilarious comments people make (in their mind, of course!) on newly-wed couples photos.

  1. The reception party looks great in this picture, especially the menu. Will never forget the food.

Yeah true, because this was the worst food I’ve ever had in any reception. Clearly Claire, it must be your husband’s choice as is your choice of husband!


  1. You people are made for each other. Best of luck.

Really? While you look great Ritesh, your girl looks like a cartoon with a Smurf nose. Not to mention the way she smiles with her disgusting teeth.


  1. Looks like a beach, so where did you go for your honeymoon?

Poor Ria, I know your husband is a unique kind of stingy and I just hope he just didn’t put a poster of Maldives in front of your bed and said, “look its Maldives, let’s make honeymoon!”


  1. Wow! Nice Sherwani for reception. I am sure this dress is your bride’s choice!

Hell yeah! Only your new-wife-cum-life’s disaster can choose such a horrible suit for you. Look at you man! You are looking like a pet parrot in this green-red combination! My eyes are already half-blind because of the shine!


  1. Your husband’s family looks so great together!

Yes, like a heard of non-stop chattering train without any station. Now I know why your husband is such a chatter-box. Like parents, like son!


  1. Ragini, your makeup has been done so well! Hats-off, to the make-up guy.

Thank god I will now remember this make-up guy so that I will never call him for my wedding. Such as disastrous make-up!


  1. Priya, your sister looks so much like you. Are you twins?

Really! I don’t think so. While Priya looks decent, her sister looks like a model straight out of some Kingfisher’s calendar. I am sure Vicky married for his saali, and definitely not for his gharwaali!


  1. Your reception hall looks decorative.

I don’t think so, you should have really thought before booking this awful, small and smelly hall! So much so for saving some money!


  1. So you went to your husband’s native place for your honeymoon! That’s great!

Sneha, with this kind of stingy and unromantic husband, your life is over!


  1. Rashmi looks so nice even without make-up in this pic.

Oh my God! Abhinav did you even look at her before getting married? I guess she has been fooling you too by wearing layers of paints every time you’ve seen her. Good luck bud! You are going to need it!