These 14 Reasons Will Keep You On Your Toes Till You Find A Doctor Partner

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With the trend of doctors consistently inclined, you must have come across posts and debates that Indian male students should move on from chasing the MBBS degree. But every father desires to get his daughter engaged to a doctor, considering their secured future and luxurious lifestyle. However, girls have more reasons to cherish their relationship with a doctor. Here’s the perks of dating one!

  1. He is your (and your parent’s) dream come true!

Your parents must have dreamt of having an engineer or a doctor son-in-law. So dating a doctor will not only make your parents exhilarated, you can also demand that special wedding lehengna that you were afraid to ask before.

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  1. Your sex life will always be exciting

While sharing the bed, you can play doctor-games and, guess what, you may dominate as a doctor or be a submissive nurse!

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  1. You might never have to buy medicines again.

Doctors generally get a lot of medicine samples from medical representatives. Thus, you will never have to run to any chemist for your cold, coughs or stomach pain.

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  1. Smart Pants!

Becoming a doctor is not easy. All those studies, tests and practice has made him an intelligent and witty guy. And who on Earth doesn’t want an intelligent man!

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  1. Your social life will make you feel like Princess Diana

Thanks to his work life, he is praised among both his colleagues and patients. So, whenever you go to a party or an outing, you are the instantaneous center of attraction.

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  1. You will always be better at one thing, HANDWRITING!

We all know, only chemists and aliens can read a doctor’s handwriting. So when he sees your cursive and sophisticated handwritten notes, he is already smitten!

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  1. Whenever you talk, he is all ears!

Doctors are habitual listeners, by default. They carry a lot of patience. So unlike others, you will not have to think twice before opening up to him. He is always listening!

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  1. Your World Tour Ticket!

Doctors don’t get much time-off from their profession. But when they do, they make sure to make it large and unforgettable. Keep your bags packed and be ready to explore the entire world. You might even get a chance to visit the South Pole!

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  1. Absolute commitment

Imagine finishing those vast and tough syllabus in time and clearing medical exams at the first go. One thing that makes doctors what they are is their commitment towards whatever they consider as their future. Rest assured, he is the actual Salman Khan in commitment!

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  1. He is great with kids.

Very few men have the ability to make a good rapport with kids, let alone enjoy with them. But you are definitely going to be swoon over when you watch him go gaga with kids.

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  1. Space, lots of space!

Doctors have a very busy work schedule. So you will have enough time to spend with your family and friends. You’re free to hop into a Kitty Party or shopping with your bestie!

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  1. Your Mr. Dependable

He is calm, strong willed and patient. Doctors are the most trustworthy partners you can ever get. Enough said!

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  1. They never say, ‘ugh!!’

Be it your ugly cramps, PMS or bad skin allergies, your doctor knows it all and has seen it all. So you can be completely free and they will never feel gross.

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  1. You can buy anything and everything!

Let’s admit that! Doctors make lots (and lots) of money. Dating a doctor means you can afford to wear those international brands now.

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