These 13 Reasons Prove Why Dating A Delhi Girl Makes Perfect Sense

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In real life, it is very difficult to leave a ‘Dilliwali girlfriend’; she can be the best thing that can happen to you. She has a refined class and if you are stuck in her heart then consider yourself lucky. Here are 13 reasons that will prove so!

  1. Great fashion sense

Delhi girls kill with their fashion sense. Be it the bold LBD or a simple tee and pyjama, they know how to turn heads wherever they go. So if you are dating a Delhi girl, be wary of your jealous friends!

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  1. Modern and traditional Mentality

You are afraid that your girlfriend’s thoughts are too modern and your parents won’t like her. But then she comes attends a puja at your house in salwar, and swoons your family with her bhajan-kirtan charms!

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  1. Roadside Romeos, beware!

Yes, Delhi girls know how to kick the ass of goons and roadside Romeos. Unlike other damsels in distress, she will pick up her sandals and teach the lechers a good lesson, and this might not even require your assistance!

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  1. Bargain style, Lazawaab!

While they swear by brands such as Mango and Vero Moda, they do not fall behind when it comes to bargaining. If you liked that t-shirt from Palika Bazaar then take your girl. You will save enough money for a good lunch!

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  1. Balance between diet freak and foodie

They know how to balance between dieting and being a foodie. While they are extremely choosy about the food they eat and rank restaurants based on health inspection, they don’t mind hopping into a chat stall for that occasional relish.

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  1. They are your fortune cookie

Delhi girls are pampered by their rich dads. So if you can make through the heart of your Delhi girl, you might get a chance to become her dad’s prince.

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  1. Your live GPS to coolest places in town

If you are new to Delhi then dating a Delhi girl will save your travel-guide expenses. She will take you to the coolest and most fun places across the city.

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  1. Never clingy

Delhi girls have a life of their own. They do not want your attention all the time and enjoy spending time with friends, family and even alone.

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  1. Always enthusiastic and spontaneous

Delhi girls are always on their feet when it comes to parties and clubbing. They hardly say “no” to adventures like a road trip or a spontaneous visit to a nearby dhaba at 1 am.

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  1. Great drivers

She can drive you crazy and at the same time drive your two-wheeler without any effort!

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  1. She will beat you in drinking

Yes, this is one thing where you will get beaten every time. Delhi girls know how to gobble down ‘chaar bottle vodka’ at a go!

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  1. They are not gold diggers

Ok, you might think this is not true, but consider this; almost every Delhi girl, either works with a reputable firm, earning lots of money or have rich parents!

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  1. They are absolutely down to earth!

Your Delhi girl is as much comfortable in travelling via local metro as she is in her expensive car!

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Cover Image: Bollywoodmantra