14 Reasons Why Dating A Movie Fanatic Is The Best Thing

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Have you ever dated a movie-lover? If not. Then you should date one. Here are some of the innumerable reasons why they make the best of the lot.

  1. You will never be bored!

Movie freaks are lively and fun. Their life revolved around movie scripts and emotions. You will never have a moment where you have to say, “Kuch baat karne ko nhi hai kya?”


  1. You will always be greeted with chocolate and flowers

Yes, movie freaks are die-hard romantics and if you are dating one, get ready to be pampered with loads of chocolates and flowers (red roses) every time you meet!


  1. They are motivated

Movie freaks are either rich or work hard to earn well, so that they could splurge money on those premium tickets. Your gateway to free entertainment every week.


  1. They plan the most creative dates

Be it a Bollywood-styled restaurant or a candle-light dinner at a rooftop water tank, movie-lovers sure known how to make things filmy!


  1. They will remember your likes and dislikes

By default, movie freaks have very good memory. Just like they remember each and every script of their favourite movies, they will remember your favourite hangout place or the friend of yours you did not like much.


  1. They are spontaneous

Up for a long drive at 1 am in the night? Yes!! Want to do a rain dance like Masti? Absolutely. They will surprise you by doing the wackiest, yet romantic,  things you will ever imagine!


  1. Their one-liners will always cheer you up.

You can never be angry or upset with him when he says. “Besharam, badtameez, khudgarz hota hai, par pyar to aisa hi hota hai.”


  1. Their friends will always be fun.

Movie freaks will either have friends with similar interests or will have no friends at all. So, your weekend outings with his friends will never be boring!


  1. They are sensitive

Years of watching Bollywood movies have taught them how to be sensitive. This means they are emotionally tough and are willing to show you their soft side whenever you need.


  1. You will have the best costume parties ever

This is one place where they will show their best colours. They are the stars to themed parties and if you happen to join him, you are definitely going to get princess-like treatment.


  1. They are fit and healthy

Movie freaks are also die-hard followers of their ideals. So if your partner is a big Salman Khan fan, then he surely will hit the gym to be like his idol; and your friends are surely going to be pretty jealous of you.


  1. You will have pet names like Senorita/Rajjo

They want you to be their heroine and so you are going to be their Senorita rather than ‘shona’, ‘babu’ or ‘mini.’


  1. He is witty and creative

How do you think men get all the ideas of pleasing their ladies? Movies of course! Movie freaks are creative and witty and will charm you with their funny and humorous words. What else do you want!


  1. Movies will be your secret weapon!

Want that nice neck-piece you just saw across the mall? you just have to impress him by saying, “Kuch kuch hota hai, tum nahi samjhoge”, and his wallet is yours!!