12 Best Pizza Places In Mumbai That Top Your Relationship With Extra Cheese

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“Sex is like pizza: even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”  Well, it is impossible to skip this awesome statement when the topic is Pizza. Pizzas come with one rule, no pizza is bad ever! So if you want your girlfriend to melt like cheese and share extra toppings of love with you, take her to these 12 best pizza places in Mumbai.

  1. Joey’s Pizza

The name’s enough to invite curious food lovers here. Just like our favorite ‘Joey’ from FRIENDS, people have hopped to this pizza place making other Pizza hotspots jealous. Best of the lot are garlic breads and chicken pizzas. Plus, the topping are over the top!


  1. Pizza Express

Nested in the heart of the romantic Colaba, Pizza Express is one heck of a place to take your partner for a bite. While this place is almost every time crowded, you and your partner will enjoy the great thin-crust pizza with specially prepared dough balls.


  1. Smokin’ Joes

This place does not require any introduction. Smokin’ Joes is a food hub where you will find an Indianised version of everything. So if you want a little tadka in your relationship and more cheese on your pizza, hop into Smokin’ Joes. You will not be disappointed for sure!


  1. Francesco’s Pizzeria

Do you want your partner to love you even more? Then take her to Francesco’s Pizza situated next to Kemps Corner. While the wild aroma and elegant environment will amuse both of you, the peri-peri-pizza (which you Must try), will definitely blow your mind!


  1. Pizza By The Bay

Nothing can be better than the smell of pizza, a romantic view of the sea and your partner by the side. Situated across the Marine Drive, this all American Pizza place will definitely make your partner go gaga.


  1. Ray’s Café and Pizzeria

If you are stuck in the busiest corners of Bandra with your partner and aren’t sure where to hangout, then look no more. Ray’s Café and Pizzeria is known for its thin-crust and cheesy pizza that will make both of you will forget everything else!


  1. Papa John’s

Best known for its pepperoni pizza and cheesy ambiance, this place will surely set your mood for a party.


  1. Metro pizza

This place will definitely make you feel like you are in a restaurant in Italy. In case your partner is complaining of an overdue holiday, take her to this place (just kidding)! However, if you are going there, try the meter-long pizzas!


  1. Mia Cucina

One of the most authentic pizza places is Mumbai; here you will find a rustic ambiance that will make you feel like walking straight into a cowboy-themed pizza bar. Plus, they serve in wooden board!


  1. Cafe Mangii

If you and your partner are lovers of thin crust and pork pizza, then head towards Café Mangii, an Italian restaurant situated at Powai. They also serve the best veg pizzas.


  1. Junos Pizza

Tired of having outside food, but at the same time do not want to prepare your own meal? Then Juno’s pizza will give you home-cooked pizza with a secret original recipe.


  1. Aye Dios Mio

Mixed joint serving, both Mexican and Italian delicacies, this is the best place if you and your partner are spice-crazy!