14 Reasons Why Dating A Bihari Babu Is Like Hitting Jackpot

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When it comes to girls, Biharis are fierce and delicate. If you can pass the ridiculous mindset that Biharis are cheap or criminals, here are 14 awesome reasons why having a Bihari boyfriend means  you will be secure, forever.

  1. They are intelligent and hard working

Unlike the Punjabis and Marwaris, Biharis generally come from the modest families and do not own riches. Instead, they know how to work hard and make their own fortune.


  1. They are daring

A Bihari guy will not mind picking up a fight with the goons if required. So you will never have to worry about the bad boys because you have the daring good boy with you.


  1. Great orators

They have this keen ability to turn people to their side. So don’t worry about convincing your parents, your Bihari guy will do it for you!


  1. They are down to earth

They don’t have any fascination for Gucci or Adidas, and they know the value of money. So he will never run out of money and you will never run out of shopping!


  1. They make delicious Bihari food..

If you think that Punjabi food is better then you haven’t really tasted Bihari cuisine. Just have authentic Bihari cuisine such as litti-choka once, and you will be dying to prepare one by yourself.


  1. They might have a politician relative

Date a Bihari guy and you might end up having a high-profile MLA or MP as your relative. You might even get a chance to travel in one of those red-siren cars!


  1. They can solve any math problem

Having difficulty in solving algebra or trigonometry? Relax, your Bihari guy (who is probably preparing for his IAS) will solve any problem within minutes. And yes, he will also help you learn the tricks.


  1. You will celebrate unique Bihari festivals

Biharis love their culture. Chath puja is famous for its grandeur and, guess what, you will be celebrating the festival by the riverside.


  1. You will always have a tasty ‘achaar’ by your side.

A Bihari guy’s backpack will never run out of the tasty ‘achaar’ varieties by his loving mom.


  1. You will never see him losing his mind

You won’t have to be afraid that your Bihari boyfriend might back-out because of the constant mimicry and Bihari jokes by your friends. They are extremely patient and will never overreact to these jokes.


  1. A Bihari guy never fakes

They don’t feel the need to show-off and you will never find your guy trying to mix up in the crowd. Because he is born to be different.


  1. He is more open-minded than you think

Unlike the general mindset that Biharis are conservative and loud, you will find your Bihari guy to be more open minded and free-spirited. Thus, no more worrying about wearing short skirts or going to a pub.


  1. There is never ‘I’ only ‘we’

In Bihari language, there is no ‘main’, only ‘hum.’ So your Bihari guy will always make you feel loved by his sweet accent.


  1. You will start enjoying Bhojpuri songs

Courtesy – your Bihari boyfriend. You will now understand the funny and hilarious Bhojpuri lyrics and will definitely start singing them.



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