You Will Surely Want To Date A Pune Girl For These 12 Adorable Reasons

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Pune is a one of the most lively and charming cities across the nation. In the similar manner, its charm comes from none other than the lovely ladies of Pune. Here are few qualities that set them ahead of others and make them the best.

  1. They mind their own business

They have a life of their own and will not poke into your personal businesses, ever. So relax, your Pune girl will hardly care about how you spend your days or how you behave with your friends. She will be your girlfriend and not a detective!Image 1

  1. They are original

A Pune girl is fearless and is not apologetic for who she is. She may skip a bath during a busy day or may sleep till noon during holidays, but she will never fake around saying she is perfect.Image 2

  1. Their fashion sense is unparalleled

Though they are not flashy as Mumbaikars or Delhites, they have their own unique style. Whether it is casual, chic or party dress, they know how to kill with looks! Plus, they can carry anything from local Marathi sari to shorts; and that lovely LBD very well!Image 3

  1. They are their own favourites!

They are the least insecure girls of all. With a Pune girl, you will never have to be scared of drama if you chat with your female friend at night (Well, sometimes!) or hangout with a female best friend you are closely attached to.Image 4

  1. They will never let you pay their bills

Most of them earn fat pay checks and they don’t mind splurging it on things they like and people they love.Image 5

  1. Party animals

They work hard and party harder, and their life motto is to make it large!Image 6

  1. They will never judge you

So you earn lesser than her? Or you have friends from LGBT community? She doesn’t care about your personal choices as long as you respect her and love her!Image 7

  1. Sarcasm is their favourite language

They don’t need swords or bullets to fight. They can beat anyone with their sarcasm and you will love them too, for their witty answers to anyone who tries to be over smart or a bully!Image 8

  1. You will always save money during outings

Yes, dating a Pune girl means she will take you to the most affordable, yet stylish and lively places in town. So every time you go out, you will find more left in your pocket than expected.Image 9

  1. They are not dying to get married

Unlike most other Indian girls who want to get married at 23 and become mother at 25, Pune girls are not ready to settle down at 27 even. They are free spirited and will save you from horrible dialogues such as ‘honey, apne parents’ se kab milwaoge?Image 10

  1. Adventure freaks

Being from Pune, you cannot expect your girl to be a laid back type. Come weekend and she has already packed her bag for that trekking trip or river-rafting experience.Image 11

  1. Their busy life has made them best multi-taskers

You will be easily enthralled by her ability to have a conversation and at the same time do her chores. You will never have to wait for her call. And she even won’t mind lending a hand into your work!

Image 12

QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.