12 Things You’ll Instantly Relate To If You Are Dating a Gujju Girl

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There is so much more to a Gujarati culture than just food and Garba; namely Gujju girls! They are cute, lively and adorable. So here are 12 major reasons why you should absolutely date a Gujju girl.

  1. Absolutely funny

Being with a Gujrati girl, you will never have a dull moment. They always have something to talk about and their fun quotient is always on the higher side.Image 1

  1. Food is their life

And soon it will become yours too. Their love for food can be clearly seen in the varieties of Gujarati delicacies. So if you are a lover of good food, date a Gujju girl, she will keep you happy forever!Image 2

  1. Pretty women

Apart from having a sexy figure, a Gujju girl is blessed with many other features such as cute looks, beautiful eyes, lustrous hair and an incredible smile.Image 3

  1. Always asking for more!

Your Gujju girl will not be satisfied until she gets an extra ‘pani puri’ or some extra ‘dahi and chutney’ in the chaat. Thus, you will always get more than you usually expect!Image 4

  1. You will never stay hungry

Feeling hungry on the way to a restaurant? Don’t worry; your Gujju girlfriend will always have something in her bag. Be it a pack of home-made dry fruits or some fafda, she will never allow you to stay hungry.Image 5

  1. Your pass to international brands

Pick any nation and your Gujarati girl will definitely have a third cousin, or chacha or mama or bua ka beta over there. Plus, they are very well connected too. So next time you need that Irish headphone at a much cheaper rate, your girl will get that for you!Image 6

  1. You will always be learning something new

Yes, Gujju girls are extremely talented and creative. So she will not only show her killer Dandiya moves for that Garba festival, but you will also learn skills such as kite flying!Image 7

  1. Green card holders

If you are dreaming of settling abroad, then date a ‘gujju’ girl. Most of them have families or businesses abroad and are generally green card holders. Image 8

  1. Lavish wedding

Yes, Gujjus might be disciplined when it comes to buying things and also bargaining, but the one event where they will showcase their affluence is during weddings. They earn well and weddings are the places where they spend the majority of it!Image 9

  1. Your room will always be clean

A Gujju girl is a cleanliness freak. If you are someone who cannot keep one’s room tidy, then a Gujju girl is your best option. So next time you enter your room, don’t be shocked! It’s your room only!Image 10

  1. Independent, modern and fierce

Gujju girls are fairly independent. So you don’t have to worry about dropping her to her doorstep every time you meet her.Image 11

  1. Dressing sense; Spectacular!

They are born fashion designers. If you want something extraordinary out of your simple wardrobe, don’t worry about spending a fortune; just call your Gujju girl. She knows how to mix and match things for that extra good-look. Plus, she also designs her own sandals and kurtas.

Image 12

QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.