These 10 Reasons Show Why Dating A Lawyer Is Completely Law-gical

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Lawyers are brave, street-smart, witty and defenders of law! If these words excite you already, then go nowhere else. Here are ten absolute perks of dating a lawyer.

  1. You will never be in trouble

Worried about your boss’s bad behavior? Came to know about some illegal activity at your neighbour’s place? Is someone threatening you at office? Don’t worry, your lawyer boyfriend will neither use any weapon or fist-fight to get you out of trouble. He will simply use the law-gical stick and your troubles are gone!


  1. Your free pass to elite bars

Lawyers are frequently invited to elite parties and while these parties can be boring for you, you will enjoy free access to all sorts of international brands of Whiskeys, Vodkas, Wine and champagne.


  1. They are the best dressers

Yes, suit and tie is always classy and their dressing sense is just like their work – detailed and perfect. So you will never see their shirt tucked outside or tie going sideways. And yes, there will be more than one suit in their closet.


  1. You will understand ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘Law and Order’ better now.

You never understood why an entire series is dedicated on law. But now, you’re excited whenever these shows are aired. Reason, you know how the law works and you’ll be predicting each one of their moves! What’s more, you’ll think of becoming a detective!


  1. You will have Gucci and Zara by your side.

Your lawyer boyfriend will want you to be like him, classy and perfect. So every time you go to some party, you will have Gucci, Bella and Zara by your side; apart from your handsome partner.


  1. They are mind readers

Being a lawyer means they have to keep everything in their mind-palace to use them when needed. Also, they are great when it comes to body language and mind-reading. So you will never have to worry about communication problem in future!


  1. You will be famous among your friends

Finally, you will be able to proudly tell you friends that you have a boyfriend who is handsome, intelligent and rich (or will be rich)!


  1. He is a story teller

He will have lots of stories about his good old childhood and he will articulate them as if it were a blockbuster movie. Yes, that’s what they do as lawyers.


  1. ‘Terms and conditions’ will be more important now.

You will become more responsible before buying or selling anything. You will have much more meaningful shopping experiences now!


  1. Your future will be bright

Understood that being a lawyer means your partner will have a huge educational loan on his back. But if you have chosen the smart one of the lot, you are lucky. Because smart lawyers are scarce and their demand is high, especially among high-end clients. So dating a smart lawyer can be the smartest thing to secure a bright future!



QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.