13 Reasons Why You Will Never Regret Dating a Telugu Guy

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Every region has several unique traits. When it comes to Telugu Guys, there are a number of things that set them completely apart from the guys of other regions. Not only they are dark and tall, they also make excellent dates! If your eyes are popping out to find why and how, read on to get the answers!

  1. Round is in, stick is out

You will never see a Telugu guy fanatical about a thin figure. Your Telugu guy will love you irrespective of your size and color; and will be only concerned with what is in your heart.


  1. Higher, higher studies

Telugu guys are obsessed with higher studies, and guess what, it is in your favour too. Higher studies means better career and brighter future.


  1. Bananaaaa….chips!

Forget Lays, Kurkure or Uncle Chips. Your Telugu guy will give you unlimited supply of authentic and healthy banana chips, all the time.


  1. Gold, Gold everywhere

South Indians are obsessed with gold. While you may not be that attracted to gold, they are expensive and you can make great investment opportunities with them too.


  1. You don’t need jokes to laugh!

Because ledu , misterrrrr (mister), Aiyyo ramma and such other cute pronunciations will keep tickling your funny bones. And your Telugu guy will laugh along too.


  1. Imported gifts from Gulf

Most of the South Indian guys have relatives from Gulf and if you have one of them, then get ready to be showered with premium gulf perfumes, clothes and much more. Your Telugu guy will be happy to serve.


  1. Authentic coffee

You might have liked the CCD and Starbucks’ version of coffee but once you taste a homemade filter coffee from Andhra, you will forget everything else.


  1. Free classes

You will finally know that Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil are very different and your Telugu guy might help you learn a few of them. What’s more, Free maths classes too (needless to say how intelligent they are when it comes to maths!)


  1. Amaze your friends with your newly-found GK

Kathakali and Kuchipudi are different. Similarly Pongal and Onam are different. Braced with this knowledge (imparted by your Telugu guy, of course!) you will be the new brainy favourite among your friends.


  1. Peace-makers

Your Telugu guy is a lover of peace; and staying with him will make you patient and peaceful. Also, you will start loving Mother Nature more than ever.


  1. Dosa, Idli and Sambar will be your life

Dating a Telugu guy means you will enjoy authentic Idli and Dosa served on banana leaves. Traditional and unique!


  1. Your movie collection will broaden

Your Telugu you will present you with a huge collection of awesome South Indian movies that you were not even aware of. Don’t worry, he will help with the subtitles too!


  1. Brotherhood

Telugu guys are always bonded and there for each other, irrespective of everything. So next time you need some IT favour or Job favour, just ask your Telugu guy!



QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.