You Will Come Across These 14 Things If You Are Dating A Bangalorean Girl

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While you will find millions of girls everywhere, finding a Bangalorean girl is rare and unique. As they grow up in the IT Hub of India, they are sophisticated and don’t always ‘go with the flow’. What’s more exciting about them is that they’re intelligent; an excellent factor to date one. Moreover, they have many more qualities that makes you go ‘Wow’ and make efforts to date one! Here’s some unique signs of a Bangalorean girl.

1. She is a techie

A girl from Bangalore is bound to be interested in technology and gadgets. May it be resetting a laptop or handling a complex program on Java, Bangalorean girls are smart enough to handle these challenges.

2. Always ready for a beer

With most of the people having a liberal attitude in Bangalore, it is not difficult to find a girl who is not only ready to spend her life with you, but is also ready to share a bottle of beer throughout your life.
23. She enjoys nightlife

Bangalore has one of the best nightlife in India. A Bangalorean girl will always like to party till dawn and get up with a hangover by 4 pm.
34. Very stylish

Talking about style? Watch them to believe it!
45. Likes watching Hollywood movies

Bangalorean girls have a good taste in the movies. They mostly prefer watching Hollywood movies which has something more than ‘Dard-e-Disco’.
56. Can pronounce the names of Italian Dishes in the right manner

Any ordinary girl: “Excuse me waiter, I would like order Mozza.. Mozzarre…” (Ahh! Leave it!)
A Bangalorean Girl: “Excuse me, I would like to order Mozzarelline fritte.”
Yeah, she is the mother of Pronunciation!!
67. Easy going and health conscious at the same time

She would never say ‘no’ to Pizza, yet always remains in a good shape.
78. Knows how to handle ‘Roadside Romeos’

Being liberal allows Bangalorean girls to be expressive. They can teach any Roadside Romeos a lesson without the help of any other person.
89. Reads beyond Chetan Bhagat

Yes! She is well aware of names likes Dan Brown, Stieg Larsson, John Grisham and Clive Eaton.
910. Shares the expenses

A Bangalorean girl understands the fact that Bangalore is an expensive city. Hence, she doesn’t let you pinch your wallet every time you go for a dinner.
1011. Speaks fluent English

The communication skills of a Bangalorean girl is generally excellent. Fluent English, witty lines and a whole lot of mischief hidden in every sentence!
1112. Prefers Bruno Mars over Justin Bieber

When it comes to having a taste in music, you can easily sync with a Bangalorean girl. You will easily figure it out that she is not the type who gets stuck on ‘baby, baby, baby, ooooh’, rather she is more like ‘Just the way you are’.
1213. Buys you gifts from U B City Mall

If you are lucky, you can end up dating a super-rich girl in Bangalore (believe me, its not difficult to find a rich girl here). Once she is impressed, brands like Armani, Gucci and Diesel become a regular for you and so does U B City Mall!
1314. Teaches you Kannada for free

It is obvious that a Bangalorean girl must be knowing Kannada. So, you can easily learn one more language from her, but try not to do it on the first date.


QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.