13 Reasons Why It is Awesome to Date a Bong Guy

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Bengalis are famous for their artistic mind, sophisticated nature, delicious sweets and beautiful girls. But very little has been written about Bengali guys and how astonishing they are. Hence, here are 13 reasons that will prove that Bengali guys are awesome.

  1. Misti doi will be your weapon

No matter how angry you make him, just one spoon of ‘misti doi’ (sweet yogurt) and soon you will see him melting down. Ultimately you will end up eating half of the misti doi yourself.


  1. Free supply of books

Bong guys are literature lovers but that does not confine their book collections. Enter into the personal library of your bong guy and you will never feel like leaving the place. Caution: you must be a bookworm too!


  1. His version of Hindi – Hilarious!

If you are upset, just ask him to talk in Hindi. Your mood will become light the moment he utters ‘hum tumse onek pyar korta hai!’ and you will try telling him the same, in broken-bengali!


  1. They know the best fish markets in town

Be it Ilish Maach or Hilsa, your Bong guy will know the perfect place where you can find all varieties and species of fishes. Bongs are also great bargainers; hence, more fish at less price!


  1. He will win all arguments for you

A Bengali guy is very competitive and protective. So if you are losing a debate or argument, just call your Bong boyfriend; he will win the argument for you, irrespective of the subject.


  1. No expectations

Bengali guys follow the funda of living simple and thinking great. So he will have very little expectations from you; he just needs your love and support. So you can be absolutely care free with him.


  1. He actually loves muffin top

Bengali guys are unbiased when it comes to his girl’s figure. So even if you have a little muffin top, don’t worry about him becoming uninterested. Your Bengali guy is going to love you anyway.


  1. You will become intellectual

Save the brain-enhancement pills for later. The intellectual nature of your Bengali guy will improve your mindset! And while you two talk, any third person will be like:


  1. You will learn the sweetest language in the world

You just can’t wait to learn Bengali so that when he says ‘Aami Tomake Bhaalo Baasi’ (Bengali version of I Love You), you can also reply him back in the language considered sweetest of all. Additionally, his dialogues are just KILLERRR!


  1. Creativity is in his blood

Be it painting, singing or cooking, your bong guy will always try to make life more colorful with his creativity.


  1. You will start enjoying ‘Adda’

Bengalis love adda (their version of hangout) which involves endless chatting and inexpensive foods. After all, dinner ke baad dessert aur uske baad ‘adda nahi maara’ toh kya kiya!


  1. You will be exposed to great Bengali movies.

And once you have seen some Satyajit Ray’s movies, you will forget watching Hollywood movies! Mithun Da is the best, Mind It!


  1. Celebrating Durga puja was never that fun

With all those VIP passes (courtesy your Bong guy’s Puja Committee connection) and bunch of bong friends, pandal hopping will be all the more fun!


QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.