10 Awesome Party Places In India To Head Out Other Than Goa

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Needless to say that Goa is the party-hub of India. But its growing popularity is attracting millions of tourists; which in turn is increasing the pollution and garbage in the city every passing year. Hence, if you are looking forward to a move out from Goa and party in a ‘Swatch ’ city, here’s the checklist!

  1. Jaipur

Popularly known as India’s Pink City, this place is famous for its amazing historical architectures and monuments. But what’s more exciting is the night life of this city. Increasingly becoming a hot destination for local and foreign tourists, partying in Jaipur will give you the feeling of being a Rajput royal member. Some popular party locations are Venom Lounge, Taquila, Angara and Devil’s club.


  1. Solang

Want to experience wild adventure during the day and even wilder parties at the night? Solang is your go-to destination. You can participate in activities such as paragliding, skiing and ice-skating; which will be followed by electrifying parties with lots of boozing and dancing. Don’t worry about refreshments, the awesome weather takes this initiative!


  1. Chandigarh

The name itself gives you party chills, isn’t it? Never ending parties, night-clubs and 24×7 open restaurants are only one aspect of this great party destination. The other is awesome crowd. Dominated by Punjabis and Jats, Chandigarh’s thrilling night life and party-obsessed crowd never lets you down. Oriental Lounge, Zinc Lounge, Arizona, Lava Bar and Antidote are a few hot places to check out.


  1. Pondicherry

Want to have beach side parties but sick of excessive crowd and over-the-top DJs? Head nowhere other than Pondicherry. Beach parties and sophisticated crowd. Plus, one of the cleanliest cities you will ever find in India. Some of the popular party hubs include Aroma gardens, Seagulls beach and Atithi.


  1. Mcleodganj

A tiny town in Himachal Pradesh, this place is best visited during the New Year.  A combination of chilly winds, musical environment and warm people is the best way to party if you like partying amongst the nature. The streets and pathways are full of foreigners roaming around freely, drinking and partying. Foreign visitors playing guitar will surely make you feel that you are in Ireland!


  1. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

The Golden City of India is a glittering golden sight at night. If you want to experience the exquisite night parties just like the Arabs, head into Jaisalmer. Plus, the Rajasthani cuisine will make you crave for more.


  1. Havelock, Andaman

The name says it all. Andaman is not only a beach paradise; it is also one of the most ideal places if you want to party all night. Flocked by international as well as national tourists; and with loads of fun activities such as scuba diving, elephant rides and trekking, this place will surely keep you busy.


  1. Pune

Move over the metros, Pune is the new Vegas of India. With sparkling night clubs and a young crowd, this is an ideal party place if you love an energetic night life. Few popular places to hop are Havana, Cyclone, Hard Rock Café and Shisha Café.

  1. Manali

A popular honeymoon destination, this place is increasingly becoming number one destination for party hoppers too. A frosty yet soothing weather round the year and hoards of new cafes, lounges and bars have been attracting youth from all across the nation.


  1. Mumbai

The list cannot be complete without mentioning the City that Never Sleeps. Be it partying at a fancy lounge or having private beer party by the Marine Drive, the charm of Mumbai night is never-ending.


QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.