10 Better Things to Do in Life than Getting Married

Are you being forced by your family and friends to get married? Do you want to escape the “marriage-cage” but don’t have an alternative idea? Well, here are 10 things that are way better to do in life rather than getting imprisoned in a marriage ceremony.

  1. Go for a trip, all by yourself

Life will not be worth until you accomplish something without anyone’s help. You don’t need a marriage or honeymoon to check out new and interesting places. It’s time to walk around all the places in your bucket list; which you’ve always wanted to explore!

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  1. Adopt a pet

Worried whether your future significant other will even welcome you when you come late? No need! Because you have your lovely dog that would be ready to cuddle you and hug you, irrespective of time. And what’s better, your pet will always be by your side, no matter what happens!

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  1. Start living alone – The Ultimate Liberty

It’s true that you will face some difficulties, but who cares! You get to eat whatever you want, sleep whenever you wish, wear whatever you like and nobody is there to stop you or judge you. Plus, you can try something new once in a while (Kudos, if you know what I mean).

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  1. Save money

Why pinch your pocket on buying an expensive necklace or the dream wardrobe of your wife? By omitting marriage, you  get an opportunity to save enough money, so that you have tons of it to splurge on your wishes. Buying something or travelling somewhere you’ve always wanted, and that too with your own money is like two dreams coming alive at the same time.

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  1. Learn a new skill

Since childhood, we have always wanted to achieve something more, be it personal or professional. Go for a developmental training, that will help you beyond your career. Take admission in martial arts, judo or karate classes. Practice Paragliding or rock climbing. Buy a pair of gloves and join a boxing club. If you are passionate about something, then why wait for next incarnation? Dedicate yourself completely in living your dream, rather than living with someone who might wake you up from your dreams regularly.

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  1. Indulge in a new hobby

Indulge in something, you know, will be a lot more difficult to accomplish after marriage. It can be singing, interior decoration, making potteries or collecting stamps. It’s not that you will not be able to these after getting married, but it’s certain that you will not have enough time to do all of these. So why wait?

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  1. Hit a gym

Yeah right! Why wait for those oversized pot bellies, love handles, chubby cheeks, double or triple chins to come and haunt you when you can prevent all of them. Shape yourself to your best, and you may surprise your friends and everyone else with your perfectly-build body!

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  1. Party all night

You know, partying all night is next to impossible if you become two from one, legally. Who wants the dashing dude who rocks the dance floor to sit back at home with wife and change his kid’s diapers! Prepare for party in the weekdays and break the floor with your moves on weekends!

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  1. Read books of all kinds

Nobody is too old for exploring books. Books are going to provide you with valuable information, humorous stories and inspiring notes. So why let your significant other fill your brain with stress, when you have a better option! Make your home a mini-library for personal use by collecting different genres of books. And be it comics, classic novels or some adult magazines, try it all.

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  1. Make new friends

If you are married, your friend’s circle will be limited to your colleagues, your spouse’s friends and your in-laws (if you are lucky).  Atlernatively, being single can fetch a better circle as you have the autonomy to choose your besties. Moreover, you can converse about stock market and share business ideas in weekdays, followed by playing and partying in weekends.

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