10 Drool-Worthy Dessert Places To Head After A Romantic Dinner In Hyderabad

Let it be a date or a casual romantic dinner, it is never complete without a dessert. What can be more romantic than going to a cozy place in the night with your love and treat yourself and your partner to some endorphin-multipliers. After all, the name ‘Stressed’ itself says ‘Desserts’ when read in reverse.

These top 10 dessert places in Hyderabad will definitely make you drool and are worth paying a visit.

1. Ci Gusta, Madhapur

A place to be for dessert lovers. Known for its amazing frozen yogurts, Ci Gusta is known for its authentic desserts yet doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Perfect ambience for a couple.


2. Labonel, Banjara Hills

People claim that they could finish a full box of chocolate brownies on their own. Though a bit pricey, the bakes they make truly justify the price. You will definitely love this place.


3. Guilt Trip, Banjara Hills

This place will lighten up your mood as soon as you enter. The warm ambience makes the place even more romantic. If you are looking for some amazing waffles, this is the place to go in Hyderabad. Also, their cup cakes are worth a try.


4. Cream Stone, Jubilee Hills

One of the best places in Hyderabad for frozen delights. Their concepts are pretty unique. Though they have multiple outlets, we recommend the Jubilee Hills one for its beautiful crowd and atmosphere. You will find many couples and mid age friend groups. Good thing about this place is that its open till late night.


5. Oh so Stoned, Karkhana

Another late night cozy place for frozen delights. They are usually open till 1.30 am. Other than ice creams they also offer some good shakes that are equally as good.


6. Le Cafe, Novotel HCC

In terms of ambience nothing beats this place for desserts. You will be awe struck as you enter. Take your partner to this place and he/she will definitely love you for it. Though the place is not really budget friendly, their quality of products and overall grandeur will compensate for it.


7. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Jubilee Hills

Frozen yogurt lovers – your search ends here. A cute place to end your romantic day.


8. Concu

Elite is the word for this place. An authentic French bakery and the only one. Nothing beats this place for its awesome staff and amazing Italian ambience. You can’t get enough of this place. Blindly try anything here and we assure you that you will more than love it. The only downside is that they shut by 8 pm on weekdays and 6 pm on sundays.


9. Mist n Creams, Banjara Hills

If you are looking for a frozen delicacy, this is it. Their way of churning out ice creams is quite unique. The place is open till mid night and hence is the perfect place for a complete romantic experience.


10. WOFL, Banjara Hills

A calm and cute place where you and your partner can spend some great time along with some drool worthy waffles.

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