16 Weird Bollywood Songs You Shouldn't Dedicate to Your Love

Bollywood is in our hearts! So are Bollywood songs. But some songs are just not meant to be sung in front of your partner. Here are 16 weird Bollywood songs you shouldn’t dedicate to your love.

  1. Main laila laila chilaunga, kurta phad ke

It was a punk song during the 1990s, but if you are trying to call your partner or even trying to make her say yes, this is indeed a very wrong move!

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  1. Aa khushi se khud-khusi kar le

Talking about suicide; ending your life in front of your partner? It may just be a hip song from a Ram Gopal Varma movie, but the lyrics are depressing enough to put your partner on a silent-cum-angry-cum-pissed off mode.

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  1. Ek chumma tu mujhko udhar de de

Dedicating a song to your love with such lyrics… Well, enough said!

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  1. Main sharabi main sharabi

Yet another song that talks about getting drunk, being irresponsible, doing anything and getting away with it! I am sure those are not the qualities your partner is looking into.

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  1. Khambe jaisi khadi hai, ladki hai ya chadi hai

Singing this song, especially when your partner is angry with you is only going to make things worse!

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  1. Ab karunga tere saath…gandi baat!

You might be trying to portray the sexy Shahid Kapoor by mimicking this number but be warned! You might end up setting high expectations in your girlfriend’s mind (why you don’t have a body like Shahid!).

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  1. Sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole

Imagine your girlfriend singing this song wherever she goes. If you dedicate this song to her and if she (if you are unlucky!) likes it, then it is coming back to haunt you!

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  1. Choli ke peeche kya hai

Dedicate this song to your partner and be sure that you have just turned into the Khalanayak of her life from Nayak!

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  1. Tu Cheez Badi hai mast mast

When the song was released, it was a top favorite among the local goons and eve-teasers on the street. So if you are dedicating this song to your 21st century girlfriend, beware!

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  1. Jummey ki raat hai, chummey ki baat hai

If you think that chasing your partner, teasing her and making fun of her is okay, then go for this number. But be ready, you might end up chasing a new partner!

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  1. Naach meri bulbul ke paise milega

Be it a public place or your personal room, asking your girl to dance to gather money?
Not a good move!

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  1. Kudi Tu butter

You might think it as a cool dedication, but comparing your lover to butter can be offensive is more ways than you can think. Honey Singh never ceases to demean women…

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  1. Dilli wali Girlfriend

You say that you have left another girl for your current loved and it’s a mere accomplishment or victory for you!! “le jaunga, main toh yahan jhande gaadke..

BW_Image 13Not cool mate!

  1. Brown Rang

You might trick someone by saying that this number empowers dark skinned women, but a look at the lyrics and she knows your real intention (even if it is not), and will turn your good chase into bad.

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  1. Palat! Tera dyaan kidhar hai, ke tera hero idhar hai

Imagine you are sitting in a class and your boyfriend from last bench screams, “Palat, ke tera hero idhar hai!”
Urgh!! I bet you would want to say, “Meri sandals idhar hai!”

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  1. Love dose

There goes Honey Singh again, if you are thinking of impressing your girlfriend with this song, may God save you. If you want to boast about your car and money, then take her for a ride in your expensive car. But please, don’t sing this song!! You might end up getting a heartbreak-dose!

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