7 Perks of Dating an Independent Girl

Every man expects a partner who doesn’t turn his simple, happy life into a dramatic Bollywood story. As the sad story states that you hardly get what you expect, rushing into a relationship with a dependent girl is the highway to sadness, frustration and, eventually, depression. Hence, surviving a disastrous, the typical Pyaar ka Punchnama love story, if you are looking for a peaceful, romantic and practical life, it’s time to find an independent girl. “Why?” Here are the perks of dating a self-governed, grown up girl

1. You don’t need to call her every hour

The need for keeping your smartphone on your hands is not required! Chatting over the phone for half an hour and texting in the leisure hours is enough. And guess what, she won’t complain “You’ve lost interest in me”; instead, she wants some alone time each day.













2. She can attend charity events and cultural exhibits, ALONE!

Unlike a typical partner who forces you to show up with her at a cultural event, she wouldn’t mind if she is not accompanied. Even if you make her glad by attending the event, you don’t need to hover around her; she is comfortable with her friends and colleagues. Hence, you can enjoy the liquor with your friends.








3. You don’t always have to pay the restaurant bills

Being a self-governed woman, she  considers you as a Bonus and not an ATM machine. In fact, she is comfortable to pay the bills at restaurant sometimes, as it makes her feel that she doesn’t owe you. Hence, you do not have to lighten up your wallet every time you walk into an eat-out or a shopping outlet. However, do not forget to pay if it’s her birthday or anniversary!













4. She is practical and career-oriented

She likes to work not because she hates to make you her sugar daddy, but to achieve her goals and built a successful career. Thus, she wouldn’t skip her work and ask you to buy tickets for a movie on a Friday. You can stick to your scheduled plans, Kudos!















5. You can enjoy cricket with your friends

She would not restrict you from playing cricket or watching a football game with your friends occasionally. In fact, they appreciate this because it allows them to spend a couple of hours with their high-school besties.













6. She gives effectual financial advice

She manages her salary well by creating a list of makeup accessories to buy after separating a considerable sum for savings. If you are not so good at managing money, request her to help you out and you’ll start saving a few dollars every month.













7. You can sleep at night, FINALLY

Yes, you do not need to wake up till 4am and listen to the endless back-biting stories. After talking or texting for an hour, she would go to bed happily, allowing you to enjoy a full-length sleep. Bliss, isn’t it?