12 Amazing Reasons to Date a Bong Girl

There are hundreds of reasons to date a bong beauty. She is passionate, independent and has her own values intact. Plus, she is perfect combination of beauty and brains. You will get an adviser, admirer, crazy friend and even a guardian in her. And she perfectly fits in the fantasies of Indian men. Of course, you might have heard some clichés regarding a bong girl but they are way off and far from these clichés. Let’s take you through the 12 reasons why you should date a bong girl and if you are already dating, why stick to her.

  1. Ah! Those Big Sparkling eyes!

Who wouldn’t fall for those big black sparkling eyes! Bong girls are naturally gifted with those and it is impossible for any man not to notice them. Prepare to be swoon over.

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  1. Diet? Umm.. What is that?

You will rarely find a bong girl on a diet. She loves food and all kinds of food. Thus you can take her anywhere and everywhere without having to think about her diet and all.

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  1. She is daring, liberal, independent and broadminded

Be it thrashing an eve-teaser or negotiating in the market, a bong girl is fierce and strong. Plus, she will never judge you for smoking, drinking or not getting married by 30. Because she herself does not believe in getting married at 25!

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  1. She saves your pocket

Unlike other girls, you won’t have to splurge expensive gifts or take her to exquisite places to impress her. A warm and cosy café, romantic movie or even a good, classic novel will do.

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  1. She has Cool Parents

Bengali parents are real cool and if you are able to please your Bengali beauty, your work is 90 percent done. Impress a bong girl, and you are through with her parents!

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  1. She is a real-time GPS navigator

Be it the best place for books or buying a cool pair of shoes, you will never have to look for Google if you have a bong girlfriend. Because she will not only take you to the best places, she will bargain and save you some bucks!

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  1. She is intelligent, witty and never dull

If you have a bong girlfriend, you will never have a lump moment because she loves to gossip. Plus, you can talk about anything and everything because a bong girl keeps herself abreast with latest happening around.

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  1. You can’t get enough of the Bengali language

It is safe to say that Bengali is one of the sweetest languages and if you are thinking of giving her a cute nick name, don’t need because she already have lots!

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  1. Bong girls are never clingy

You will never have to suffer the wrath of an over-clingy girlfriend because bong girls are rarely over-possessive. Plus, she has her own bunch of best friends and so you can have yours too!
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  1. Bong girls never shy away from their culture

While she will enjoy going out to pubs and discs and enjoy it to the fullest, she is also fond of art and culture, so expect an occasional visit to the art galleries and libraries. Even if you don’t accompany her, she will go along and not complain! Way to go.
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  1. Fashionable, but never over the top!

Bong girls might not be over-the-top fashion forward, but they are always stylish and classy. That means you don’t have to be with an overly painted make-up face!

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  1. Her natural caring instinct

Last but not the least, bong girls are naturally caring and ready to take care of your little things so that you are always happy.


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