10 Reasons to date a Bangalorean Geek

No wonder Bangalorean girls are one of the most desirable women in India. It is not her looks that drive men crazy, but their ‘geeky’ nature. Her qualities are so attractive that many engineering guys and MBA students cannot resist but fall for her. If you’re looking for a reason to date a Bangalorean geeky-girl, here’s a list of her impressive qualities!

  1. She is Cool and Intelligent

The first thing that you notice in a Bangalorean Geek is her cool nature. She is comfortable with most of the common slangs and can even lend you a few when required. Her intelligence sets a benchmark for the girls of other cities.

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  1. She is a Party Rocker

Girls from Bangalore are famous for their festive mood. Almost every girl in Bangalore is used to pubs and clubs. The lifestyle of Bangalore makes them a party rocker and they rock your world with some of the hottest moves on the dance floor.

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  1. She likes Cricket and supports RCB

The question is who doesn’t love Royal Challengers Bangalore? Everyone loves the fireworks in M. Chinnaswamy Stadium during IPL and girls are no exception. The presence of Virat Kohli and the raining sixes during RCB’s batting make every native girl a dedicated fan of RCB. Hence, if you are a hardcore RCB supporter, you may find your soul mate in her.

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  1. She Earns Well

Staying at home is not an option for a Bangalorean geek-girl. She is energetic, think-tank who is capable of meeting the challenges of the corporate environment. The best part is that you can also expect expensive gifts from her side.

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  1. She watches Tech Shows

An interesting part of every Bangalorean girl is that she likes to watch tech shows. She, too, is interested in cars and its engines. This makes it easier for guys to start off a conversation.
You: Would you like to go on a drive in my Porche 944 Turbo?
She: Only if you get the v8 engine installed in it!

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  1. She doesn’t considers days before Eating Non-veg

There are no Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays for the Bangalorean geeks. She likes non-veg food (and also non-veg jokes!)

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  1. She never says ‘no’ to Alcohol

Geeky-girl from Bangalore can drink more beer than you at any given time. She will never say ‘No’ to a vodka shot, she can take a tequila shot even at 3 am and, most importantly, she can use beer as a mouth freshener.
Eyebrows raised?

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  1. She shares bills/expenses

If you’re too worried about your costly date, take a deep breath; Bangalorean geeks are proud of themselves. She will never let you pay the whole bill amount. She usually prefers sharing and if you are lucky to have a hot-cum-rich girl then you might get a chance to save some bucks too.
Of course to woo her later!

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  1. She speaks proper English

This has to be the ultimate reason for a guy to date a Bangalorean geek. She speaks proper English and has a decent accent. If you have ever dated a girl from some backwards areas of India, then you would immediately realize the difference.
Need a flashback?
Baby, I send you hugs and kisses yesterday night, but why you no reply back?

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  1. She knows that the iPhone is a product of Apple Inc.

When it comes to gadgets, some girls can tickle your ribs with a pigeon’s feather. “iPhone hai? Kaunse company ka hai? Samsung?”, “Mujhe na Apple wala iPhone chahiye


Thankfully, girls from Bangalore are exceptions in this case. Rather you may get a feeling of being inferior when you watch her with a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPad at the same time.

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