10 Reasons to have a Dilliwali Girlfriend

Girls from Delhi are often portrayed to be selfish and mean. But, today we are here to give you 10 solid reasons which will make you feel that your Dilliwali girlfriend is the best you can have. So, watch out!

  1. Super Stylish

When it comes to style statement, you cannot outplay a girl from Delhi. May it be their short skirts or slim fit wrecked jeans, they look good in everything. Rather, they know the art of making a boy go crazy with just one look. Even actress Madhubala was from Delhi!

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  1. Compliments you well

There are times in a relationship when you seriously feel ‘arre yaar kisko pata liya’. However, this will never happen with a girl from Delhi because she will always compliment you on looks.
(Well! Cannot comment on complementing intelligence)

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  1. Knows how to handle other guys

Girls from Delhi are experts in handling ‘Roadside Romeo’. They know how to ignore them and if required how to teach them a lesson on the road. Moreover, they are very hard to impress and hence, most of the guys quit after trying for sometime.

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  1. Joins you with a bottle of Beer

Dilliwali girlfriend is not only big ‘Dil Wali’, but also broad “Soch Wali“. When she sees you with a bottle of beer, she will not ask you to stop, rather she will grab another bottle of beer and join you. Where else can you find a partner in India who loves you and your beer, both!

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  1. Wedding can wait

If you have a girlfriend who is either a Gujrati or a Marwari, you will have to plan your marriage by 22. But in case of Delhian girls, they are not that eager to marry. They will go against their parents, fight with everyone else who thinks they should get married in early twenties. They are in no hurry to tie a knot and become a housewife.

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  1. Has a nice car

Believe it or not, girls from Delhi have the maximum number of cars. What else can you ask for? Good looking girlfriend, a fat purse and a nice car!

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  1. Helps you with office work

Girls are always ready to help their boyfriend in office work. Girls from Delhi are no exception, they will help you complete your miscellaneous works such as reports, preparing agendas and even create a presentation for you.

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  1. Hates Saas-Bahu serials

This is nothing less than a boon for every guy! Channels like Star Plus, Zee Tv and Sony are not in her list. It becomes easier for you to watch television with her.

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  1. Hits the GYM!

Fitness mantra has transformed Delhi girls into gym maniacs. This means that your girlfriend is smart as well as smoking hot!

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  1. Watches Cricket!

Last, but not the least, Delhian girls love to watch cricket (ofcourse only T-20). You finally have a solution for one of your biggest problems – Cricket or Girlfriend. However, if she ever asks you about Umpire’s call on DRS or Duckworth-Lewis method, just keep quiet.

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