10 Restaurants to Take Your Date in Hyderabad

In the City of Nawabs, where people are fond of love and food, dating a Hyderabadi partner is a unique experience. If your partner loves food as much as she loves you, and has ever said, “The most breath-taking thing you can buy me is a fantastic feast”, it’s time to take her on a date to a dim-light, romantic dinner.

When your partner is so fascinated by Hyderabadi Biriyani or Boti Kebab, wouldn’t you like to walk in to a romantic eat-out place holding your partner’s hands! If you haven’t found any romantic restaurant in Hyderabad yet, we bring you the checklist for your upcoming dates!

  1. Okra – Marriott Hotel

Okra is a famous place to step-in for lunch in a bright and cheerful environment. The availability of the salad platters round the clock is a major turn on for desi-salad lovers. The presence of live cuisine stations intensifies your hunger and love!


  1. Absolute Barbecues

If you are one of those vibrant couples that are ever-cheerful and energetic, this is the dating place you must walk into. With bright and peppy ambiance, it is the Mecca for celebrating any jovial occasion. The availability of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes offer a feast for all kinds of couples.

  1. Little Italy

Though Hyderabad is widely known for spicy, delicious Indian dishes, Little Italy offers you a flavor of authentic Italian foods. The environment of the restaurant is calm and the seating arrangement on rooftop with appeasing music sets a romantic mood. Moreover, if your significant other has tasted enough of the desi-cuisine, spending quality time at this eat-out will surely make her smile!

  1. Tansen

In the City of Nawabs, Tansen is the eat-out location for the Nawabs! The majestic ambiance of this restaurant renders a grand feeling to the dinner and automatically tunes in the royal mood. Tansen is the recommendable place when you have some magnificent surprises for her.

  1. Our Place

In the country where the society comments on everything happening with the young generation, how many times do you get the opportunity to peacefully have a homely feeling with your partner? Our Place provides you with a pleasant dining experience with a traditional ambiance and down-to-earth dinning system. This place lets you to spend quality time in the lap of nature.

  1. Firdaus – Taj Krishna

Highlighting the Islamic style, Firdaus adds to the royal Hyderabadi dinner with its unique environment. The Nizami food cannot taste any better than enjoying it at this place. Listening to beautiful music, exchanging gestures with your partner and drooling over a fantastic food; can the sensation get any better!

  1. Cinnamon Fusion

Hardly you will find a restaurant in Hyderabad where you get European and Pan Asian cuisine. With minimal décor and peaceful environment, this is a place to silently enjoy the company of your partner during lunch.

  1. Ohri’s

This traditional place makes you dive into the rich Hyderbadi culture with your beloved. The restaurant is merely a legendary landmark for the quality of food and attractiveness of ambiance. Do not dare to skip this place if your partner is a food-maniac!

  1. Thai Pavilion

The ambiance of the Thai Pavilion lets you gaze in your partner’s eyes with utmost relaxation. Step in to this place hand-in-hand with your significant other and experience the treat of Thai food. From the starters to desserts, every dish will keep you drooling!

  1. Gufaa

The décor of this place goes with the designated name. The restaurant tops the list of North-West cuisine with its quality offerings. Dim lighting, staffs dressed as hunters and the theme of Gufaa, you virtually visit a North Indian cave by stepping into this restaurant!