12 Reasons Why Dating a Foodie Will Make Your Life Delicious

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Are you tired of dating engineers, painters and accountants? Do you love food but control your taste buds in front of your partner? Here is your take! Date a foodie and you will be happy for the rest of your life. Why? Well, here are 12 amazing reasons which will definitely convince you.

  1. The bill is on him!

The best part of dating a foodie is that the person is always ready to pay the bills. You have an unlimited access of pizzas, burger and nachos! A jackpot out of nowhere?


  1. You just cannot run out of cuisines

If your taste buds are more or like a chameleon then dating a foodie is the best way to satisfy your wants. Italian, South Indian, Mexican and what not! Basically you can have a different cuisine on every day of a week.


  1. No more boring meals

It is obvious that your meals will no longer be boring as there will be a lot of options. All you need to do is ask your boyfriend to get something out of the box and you can have a variety of tasty options right in front of you.