12 Reasons Why Dating a Foodie Will Make Your Life Delicious

  1. Orders food according to the occasion

For you it may be just about ordering food; but for a foodie, it is about ordering the right food for the right occasion. He can’t order salmon on birthdays, and ordering chicken on wedding anniversary is way too mainstream! Confused?


  1. Can pronounce the name of Italian dishes – The Right Way!

One of the best reasons to date a foodie is his potential to spell the names of Italian dishes in the correct manner. Whether it’s a Bozza Pratese or Ficattola, the pronunciation will always be perfect. Give it a try!


  1. Good with table etiquettes

Just like his orders, he is also good with table etiquettes. Knows how to hold the spoon and the fork properly. Additionally, he has the decency to place them neatly on the plate after the meal is complete.


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