13 Stunning Reasons to Date a Punjabi Kudi

Punjabi Girls have always been one of the hottest Indian girls. Yes, I know that the name of ‘Sunny Leone’ has already struck your mind, but there are other beauties as well who can charm you with their looks. If you ever wish to date a Punjabi Kudi, do note the following:

  1. She has cute looks

Just like the Sun is set to rise in the east, Punjabi girls are also meant to be cute. They are beautiful to look at and once they smile, you feel your heart melting.
Remember Preity Zinta’s Dimples?


  1. She loves Spicy Cuisine

Punjabis are born foodie. Their love for chicken and spicy food is a major turn on. Hence, if you’re a hardcore lover of chicken, guess what! You can have Tandoori chicken served and spooned by your beloved!
This must make all those boys jealous whose girlfriend is a Gujrati or Marwari (fafda khayega?)


  1. Hot as Hell

Needless to say, Punjabi girls are the hottest. They look amazing and have a good dressing sense. They can make boys turn their head even in salwars. Believe that!

Image 14

  1. Food over Weight

Punjabi girls follow a weight-loss chart. But her love for delicious food supersedes her mental strength for dieting. Serve her a plate of Chicken Kadai, Tandoori Chicken or Butter Chicken and she is ready to accumulate plates after plates.

image 4

  1. Her Lassi-making skill is Flawless!

A big glass of Lassi is a dream of every man (Yes, “Man”) in India. No matter what the time is, people are always ready to have lassi and if your girlfriend is a Punjabi, then do expect to have a river of lassi flowing towards you.

image 10

  1. Forever Jovial

Punjabis are always in a mood to party. Being cheerful people, they have that ‘bindaas’ lifestyle which sparks joy in the heart of other people as well.
Even if you party up to 4 am every weekend, you’ll witness her saying “Party abhi baaki hai!


  1. Alcohol Friendly

Having grown up in a Punjabi house, they are accustomed to drinks. So if you are gobbling down a bottle of beer she might say “Bas itna sa? Mere papa toh bari balti se beer peete hai!”

Image 6

  1. Easy to Handle

There is no fuss in handling a Punjabi girl. For her weekly shopping is not a necessity, she doesn’t spend thousands of rupees in parlours and, most importantly, she is practical.
Yes! she understands you, and your problems too.

Image 8

  1. She is a Crazy Dancer

When Punjabis dance you should better move aside. There is no fixed steps, and her joy is displayed through movements of hands and feet.
However, Baby Doll was also awesome!

image 9

  1. 0% show-off

Unlike the girls of Delhi and Mumbai, Punjabi girls do not flaunt. Even if they are wearing a Rs. 10000 dress and carrying an iPhone, they still are extremely pleasant to others.


  1. Sings Punjabi songs

Nobody can deny the fact that Punjabi girls are good singers too. Ask her to sing few lines of a Punjabi song and I’m sure that you’ll propose to her immediately.

image 12

  1. ‘Soni hai’ (Very Sweet)

To sum it up, Punjabi girls are very sweet. They are at their best when you make them feel comfortable and allow them to express themselves to the fullest. Once you date a Punjabi girl, there is no way you are going to like any other girl.


  1. Laughs at your lame jokes

In order to make a Punjabi laugh, all you need is a smile. Punjabi girls do not mind laughing out loud if they find something funny. They love to enjoy every moment.
But, before cracking a Santa-Banta joke, make sure that her father’s name is nowhere close.

Image 13