10 Restaurants to Take Your Date in Bangalore

Bangalore is known for its weather and traffic. So if you are searching for a good restaurant to take your date, be wise, “Traffic-wise”. Here is a list of 10 restaurants that will not only give you a great first impression, but will also make your date go awe.

  1. Olive Beach, Ashoknagar

Even though the location is at the center of the city, this restaurant gives you the feeling of the quite Mediterranean escape. It is one of the most sought after dining option for couples looking for something creative yet subtle. Situated in Ashok Nagar, it is a perfect data option if your girl likes classy and quiet atmosphere.

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  1. The Grasshopper

A breath-taking environment amidst relaxed set-up and ample greenery; this place will give you the feeling of a country house. Indeed a rare experience for Bangaloreans! The place is known for its mouth-watering meal and also customization as per your requirement. A good choice for peoplewho love experimenting but are also very choosy!

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  1. The Fatty Bao, Indiranagar

Best described as quirky and unusual, this cheesy restaurantis a must visit for energetic and fun-loving individuals. The interior is lively and will definitely give you the feeling of a sophisticated college canteen. Giant pandas and multi-colored décor are its USP, apart from the great food. Best option for a fun-loving and lively date!

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  1. By the Blue, Grand Mercure

A poolside restobar, this place is perfect to show-off your sophisticated and urbane side. Cascading waterfalls, pool and greenery around will make your date perfect, apart from the great dining experience. A great first impression, indeed!

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  1. Big Brewsky, Sarajpur Road

Want to break out from the traditional candle light dinner norm? Head to this lavish microbrewery with an area of 23,000 sq.; claiming to the South India’s largest. Starry lights, poolside dining option and contemporary décor will definitely make this a memorable day for your date.

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  1. 153 Bierre Street, Whitefield

Want to experience Europe in India. Then visit 153 Bierre Street, a combination of restaurant, microbrewery, retail shops and bake house is definitely going to catch hold of your date’s attention as well as her admiration for you! With an old Europe set up, a simple walk around can turn dreamlike!

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  1. Bene

It is an Italian Restaurant but don’t be too quick to judge! The breezy outdoor and warm indoor will definitely make your date feel comfy. A Pizza bar that is centrally placed is a definite eye catcher. A perfect option for pampering your date!

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  1. Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield

If your date is fun-loving, loves to be around sophisticated crowd and loves Jazz, then this is the place to bring your date and create that awesome first impression! The jazz theatre is amazing and the food is delicious. A definite head-turner and great option for the fun-loving duo!

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  1. Aqua 

Located at Bangalore’s Park Hotel, it is a bar-lounge combination. Retro music, exotic cocktails, mouth-watering desserts, European cuisine and candle-lit lanterns are definite mood turners. A nice place to drink and indulge!

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  1. Bricklane Grill

Simple and elegant, this place is known for its unique white interiors with green embellishments. Crisp and short menu provided by the restaurant is perfect for an evening date. This classic dining cultured atmosphere showcases Mediterranean, Italian and Parsi cuisines.

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