10 Things to Do on a Date in Mumbai

If you have been waiting for a perfect date for a long time, you will know what to avoid. The noisy traffic, pollution and ever-chattering busy city life are the trademarks of Mumbai. But wait!  Here we present 10 awesome places to surprise your date. And don’t worry; these options are far away from being conventional!

  1. Ditch Candlelight – Discover Sailing!

Ditch the traditional candlelight dinners and go for sailing alongside Mumbai’s astonishing picturesque shorelines boarded in a sail boat with world class features. This amazing experience is going to leave you enchanted and wanting for more. Amaze your date with dolphins and seagulls as well as a spell-bound Mumbai skyline.

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  1. Pottery Workshop

If you and your date are the creative kind, then this is a perfect option. Skip a dinner and movie gig and join a pottery workshop session at only Rs. 1500 for two hours. Apart from impressing your date, you might end up discovering a great new hobby!

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  1. Sunset at Marine Drive

Whether your date is a Mumbaikar or hailing from some other city, the amusement of the Marine drive forever remains fresh. Go for a walk across the Marine drive, especially during the evenings, when the street lights are about to be lit. The scenic beauty will be enough to bring on the romance!

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  1. Prithvi Café

Unlike other cafes, Prithvi Café is known for its unique combination of theatre and Café. Take your date to this classy place if you want to indulge into some serious and indulging performances. In fact, you can also visit Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu branch and enjoy lip-smacking seafood.

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  1. Khotachi Wadi

Want to get out of the busy Mumbai noise? Khotachi Wadi is the perfect, heritage destination. Walk hand-in-hand across the Old Portuguese colony and suddenly you will feel like you’ve reached Goa. Also, a must-visit if your date is not from Mumbai!

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  1. Ferry Ride to Elephanta

If your girl loves the water, deep sea and a heritage site, go for the Elephanta Ferry Ride. Deep waters and no sight of land while traveling will bring both, adventure and romance. Plus, you can club the ferry ride with nearby restaurants such as Leopold’d Café, Bade Miyaan or Mondegar, completing your day!

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  1. Gadda Da Vida, Juhu

Located at the heart of Juhu Beach, this place is famous for its astonishing sea view, calming and soothing waves as well as scrumptious food. Easy to reach and with easy appointment options, this will be an apt option to charm your dream date.

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  1. Smoke House Deli

This is one of the most artsy places to go for a meal. Aptly situated in good Earth, the decor is lovely and unique. Moreover, the Bellini is great and the food is delicious, especially the mushroom risotto. Great place to go with your girl on a nice, full filled dinner!

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  1. The Borivali National Park

Indulge in the nature and wildlife, away from the busy and hectic cosmopolitan life. Tiger and Lion Safari, Kanheri Caves , lake and popular toy train, all these will make a loving surprise for a nature loving date!

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  1. Dome, Churchgate

This terrace restaurant with out-of-the-world open-air lounge will give a stunning overview of the Arabian Sea, a perfect dining option for that special date. Remember the phrase, Bambayi Aaye Aur Machli Nahi Khaye? Yeah! Do not miss out on the delicious crabs and fishes!

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Image sources – Google / Travelyaari.com