These 10 Reasons Will Make You Marry A Guy From A Different Religion

A marriage is not when a perfect couple comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy the differences. We are not trying to endorse nor are against inter-religion marriages. But one has to admit that marrying a person from completely different religion is surely interesting due to the varied culture and tradition.

Firstly, you have an option to get married in either his tradition or yours and sometimes both

This is the most interesting part of marrying a guy of another religion. Ideally, the marriage ceremony might take place according to his tradition. This is exciting for you, your family and relations.


You can celebrate festivals of both the religions

We feel Indians are lucky to have so many festivals for two prime reasons. One – the fun and beauty of the festival itself and two – its a holiday!! However, festivals are different for different religions. And if your guy is from another religion, you get to celebrate both the festivals.


You will be lucky to enjoy two different cuisines

Food food food.. Eating the same staple food everyday may get boring at certain times, but sometimes you can enjoy the local cuisine your in-laws make.


You get to experience a whole new different tradition and culture

India is known for its beautiful tradition and culture. However, we are not lucky enough to witness all of it. Marrying a guy from different religion will let you experience a different tradition and a different culture.


Learning a new language is a cakewalk

According to census, India has 122 major languages with 29 of them having at least a million native speakers. If not 29, you can learn at least one more and is a lot easier to learn when your better half’s mother tongue is a different one.


You have two teams to cheer for in the IPL and the World Cup

Surely there will be no one disappointed if the national sport of India is changed to Cricket. One major advantage you have here is that you get to cheer for two teams during the IPL or the World cup. So chances of you being disappointed when one loses are very low.


You will always have something to talk – like comparing life here vs life there

This might not happen as girls always have something to talk unless your guy is not willing to listen. However, you can make him talk by starting a conversation about your native, traditions, life here vs life there and compare it to his. 99% of the time guys love such topics and will respond.


You get to expand your taste and discover new regional movies, music and actors

Bored with Bollywood? You get to expand your taste in music, regional movies and follow new actors.


When your families meet, it is rather an experience than a nightmare

Family meetings are generally boring. But when two families from different religions and nativity meet, its like a quiz! One doesn’t understand the others tradition and culture which keeps the whole thing interesting and intriguing.


And finally you can say ‘I Love You’ in two different languages

What can be more romantic than saying ‘I Love You’ in a different language and see the blush on your guys face?



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