What if Arvind Kejriwal turns a matchmaker

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if Delhi’s newest Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, ever got around to running a love bureau? What would the campaigns be like? What would our qualified matchmaker’s slogans be like? Something like this?!

1. Pyaari behno, date a common man. Make him your khaas!

Point 1-edited

2. Women must not lust after looks, money and qualification. Read aam aadmi’s “corruption-free” mind.

3. Do no spend on expensive gifts. Buy your aam aadmi a “muffler” to keep him warm and a “broomstick” to keep his dust-laden room clean.


4. When the aam aurat’s daddy refuses to marry her off to you calling you an “underdog”; don’t give up. Reply with conviction, “It will be a movement…It will be an evolution”.

Kejriwal during dharna against Home Ministry

5. If the daddy locks up your aam aurat in her room, demand – “where did my aam aurat go? The aam aadmi wants to know!”