8 Facts About a Typical Mumbaikar Couple

There are some interesting facts shared by a typical Mumbaikar Couple. When you look at them for the first time, they may look like an ordinary couple. However, when you analyze them closely you will find that there is a strange chemistry existing between them. Here are some interesting facts from the ‘Love Book’ of a typical Mumbaikar Couple.

  1. Love Starts with Vada Pav

Believe it or not, 80% of Mumbaikar couples have confessed that their love story started on a vada pav stall. With more than 1 million vada paw stalls in Mumbai, it is not hard for the singles to mingle.
Wanna grab a vada pav?


  1. Juhu Beach hosts the first date

Juhu Beach is one of the romantic places in Mumbai. If a couple has not visited the Juhu Beach, then their love is not true for sure. You can also find celebrities hanging out with their loved ones (of course at unusual hours).
Calm and breezy environment, no one to stare at you. Isn’t it a perfect place for every Mumbaikar couple to have their first date!

Image 2

  1. Dating season begins during Ganesh Chaturthi

During the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai gets into a festive mood for nine days. This period is ideal for couples to roam around with complete freedom.

Mom: Where are you going?

Sneha: Just a little here and there, to enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi!

(Really Sneha?)

image 3

  1. Paani-Puri is the patch-up dish

No matter what the reason for a fight between a Mumbaikar couple be, paani-puri is the universal healer of all bitterness.  A plate of paani-puri together, all disputes settled!


  1. Meetings are punctual

Punctuality is an implied condition for Mumbaikars. There is a specific time for everything. Even lovers meet at a pre-fixed time. If she says that we meet at 4, then she means it. A late by 10 minutes without a valid reason means you are single again!

(Nice way to break-up, isn’t it?)


  1. Finding a silent place is rare

As a couple, if you are looking for a silent place to chit-chat, then you may need to visit the Ajanta caves! In Mumbai, you can find people on the road at any given time. Even if you manage to find one, then don’t get excited as the place would be soon filled up with other couples.


  1. Marine Drive

Marine drive is the ultimate place for every Mumbaikar couple. The long stretch of seashore makes an ideal place for the couples to chit chat and spend breezy evenings.


  1. Bollywood is in their hearts

Mumbai is the home to Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. It is no secret that the pseudo-blood of these actors runs in the veins of the typical Mumbai couple. If you are friends with a Mumbaikar couple, be ready to hear some cheeky dialogues from DDLJ or Kal Ho Na Ho when around them!

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