9 Breathtaking Romantic Places You And Your Date Must Definitely Visit Around Pune

Getting to know each other over a romantic dinner might be a good idea but traveling to breath taking places and spending a day will certainly open up one’s mind and you get to know each other even better. We have curated some amazing places for your date trip around Pune that shows how beautiful India is.

Vetal Hill

If you wanted to get a beautiful bird’s eye view of Pune this is the place to go. The hill is centrally located and one of the highest point in the city. A quiet and scenic place you and your date will love. Lush green surroundings, chirping of birds and peacocks singing in the background is something that describes this place. If you are looking for spend some quality time with your loved ones, this is it.

Vetal Tekdi hill Pune



One of the best and most scenic places in India, Lohagad is definitely under rated. With its breath taking and lush green landscape, this place is a treat to your eyes. Trekking to the hill fort may tire you but if you are looking for some privacy and peace, its worth it.


Amit Kulkarni


If you enjoy walking and trekking along with your date, this place offers it all. Usually it takes around 2 hours to reach the top. But, keeping in mind that you and your date may want to enjoy quality time talking, time shouldn’t be a constraint. To make things more romantic full moon light trekking is even better.




This is considered to be one of the best places for couples and friends. The hill station is a very popular getaway spot for people from Mumbai and Pune, monsoons being the best time to visit. The eye soothing scenery gets better during winters and monsoons and you may want to visit this place with your date during those times.


Shrikant Raut


This place is just 20km from Pune and the sunset from the banks of the Mutha river is fabulous. You can spend real quality time with your date sitting on the banks of the river and enjoying the reflection of the sunset. An ideal place for a couple as the place isn’t flocked by many.




What can be more romantic than spending your time at a private man made hill station. The beauty of this place is distinct and resembles a small english town. From modern hotels to the scenic hills, this place has everything to offer. One thing is going to happen for sure when you take your date to explore and spend time in this place, you will get an extra hug :)



This is a picturesque place is located around 40km from Pune in Hadshi near Lonavla. There is an ashram here which stands out with a beautiful backdrop of hills and lush green landscape. A beautiful and peaceful place for couples who are looking for a one day picnic.

Hadashi 04 July 09 005

Santosh P

Osho Garden

They say this place is a couples paradise. if you are looking for some good privacy, this is a great place to take your date to. A picturesque garden that oozes calmness and serenity.


Amit Meera