14 Awesome Reasons to have a Punjabi Boyfriend

No wonder Punjabis are one of the most desirable men. They carry a larger than life attitude and their life is a roller-coaster ride. Being in a relationship with a Punjabi guy is once in a lifetime experience for every fortunate Indian girl. Why? Here are the reasons!

  1. The Cute-Hunk Combo

It is a rare and arguably the most desirable combo among girls. Punjabis are born cutie-pies. And Machoism runs in their family. Even when you come across a tall, fair and handsome hunk at a pub, be sure that he has Punjabi genes.

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  1. The Raw factor

Having a Bengali or Gujarati boyfriend might get into poetry and nice lines such as ‘I will do anything for you’, but having a Punjabi boyfriend will actually save you from goons and bad guys; as he is going to trash them with his paws a.k.a hands.

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  1. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai!

Punjabis are the heart and liver of any party. Whether they buy a new Bullet or their best friend doesn’t pass an examination, they can party for the silliest of reasons. With such partying-blood running in their veins, you might end up dancing above the tables and bars every night with your Punjabi munda!

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