14 Awesome Reasons to have a Punjabi Boyfriend

  1. Your own mp3 player

Having a Punjabi boyfriend means having constant access to all latest Bollywood and Hollywood songs. Whether its Jay Sean, Drake or Honey Singh collection, he has it all! Plus, he is the real-time translator of all Punjabi songs.

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  1. Lovers of Chicken

Chicken will be his second love after you. Even if it is a crowing Sunday evening at KFC, sit back and relax; he knows the manager. So you get the best place to chill and eat your chicken bucket in peace!


  1. Drinks Beer as if it is Mineral Water

Their stomach is beer tank and they can drink beer at the drop of the hat.

You: Let’s have something

He: Yes! Pehle Budweiser, phir Black Label.

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