14 Awesome Reasons to have a Punjabi Boyfriend

  1. Commitment level 100%

Punjabis are true to their words and will keep their promises till the end, until you do something unacceptable such as cheating them. He might be a Ranbir Kapoor fan but he abides by the Salman Khan Dialogue – Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, phir main khud ki bhi nahi sunta!


  1. Forgives easily

Unlike others guys, Punjabis show-off their ego only during fights. So, if you have said something rude and are scared of him doing something unreasonable, then don’t worry! One smile and he is back to being cute and hilarious!
However, don’t ever dare to give that smiling look after cheating him!

Image 11

  1. A rich family background

Another perk of being a Punjabi’s girlfriend is that you will not have to worry about home chores after marriage. After all, the number of servants in their house outnumbers the family members!

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  1. Your Gateway to Delicious Punjabi Cuisines

Who cares for bread and butter for morning breakfast when you are served with hot and delicious Aloo-paranthas and pudine-di-chutney!

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  1. Optimism at its best!

Your Punjabi boyfriend is always up for a good laugh when you need it. He won’t shy away from hanging out with you even after a tough day at his office!

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