8 “Must-Know” Things About a Girl from Hyderabad

The City of Sheikhs is the home to tons of beautiful girls. Hyderabad is a city where people pay more attention to educational values more than religious concerns. With the existence of multi-culture, you’ll find some exceptional qualities in every Hyderabadi girl. Yes, if you are looking forward to date one, here’s some hint how she actually is.

  1. She is strong-minded

Every kid in Hyderabad grows up under the pressure of pursuing B. Tech, MBBS or MBA. The grooming and shaping since primary school days strengthen their perspective towards life and every element involved in it. Therefore, she grows up as a strong-minded girl with the desires to achieve everything in life.
WARNING: Don’t ever dare to tell her “Ladkiyan toh sirf belan chalaane ke liye badi hoti hai”. She might hit you right on your face!

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  1. She loves to party with friends

Every girl in Hyderabad loves partying. Though partying in Hyderabad means returning home before 11 pm, she loves to spend her weekend evening with her besties on the dance floor!

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  1. She has Polished Multi-Language-Speaking Skills

She lives in the city where Hindu, Muslim, Christians and various religions sit together in schools, buses and office. Interacting with people of different caste and creed develops her speaking skills. As the result, she grows up being a “Chalta firta translator”.
Hence, don’t mess with her; she might kill you with her polished speaking skills. Mind It!

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  1. She is never on time

Residing in the City of Sheikhs, she has the typical Sheikh-type attitude. If you plan to meet at 4 pm, it’s probable that she might be putting on her lipstick at that time in home. Do not hurt her with rude words if she is half-an-hour late; instead, consider it an opportunity to buy some extra chocolates and flowers for her.
More importantly, remember that being on time in too mainstream!

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  1. Being Possessive is simply not an Option

She doesn’t usually gets much opportunity to enjoy life her way. She needs to make a Mirch-Masala story to step out of her house. So if she gets the pink slip from parents to party with friends on weekend, do not order her to stay at home. You might end up being single the next second!

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  1. She does not dress aggressively

Hyderabad has been keeping up with the typical Indian culture. Unlike Delhi and Mumbai, you will hardly find a girl flaunting her belly on the roads. She believes in simplicity and knows the trick to steal your heart with her cute looks!

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  1. She wants space

Every Hyderabadi girl likes to work without disturbance and party without restriction. If you keep calling her every 10 minutes, the day is not away when she’ll reject your call and your love as well!

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  1. She loves Biriyani, Street Food and Chinese dishes

No matter how many dresses you gift her every month, the ultimate hack to her heart is food! She just loves Hyderabadi Biriyani as well as Chinese cuisine. Apart from this, whenever you want to see her smiling, just hold her hands and walk towards a Pani-Puri stall.

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