8 Things That Will Immediately Break Your Relationship

Life can be a little harsh at times. It may be just an ordinary day for you when you are roaming with your partner and all of a sudden, without the slightest of knowledge, you do something that immediately puts a ‘full stop’ to your relationship. Here are 8 such instances:

  • Nain Sukh Prapti (NSP) – Checking Out Other Chicks 

There is always one odd situation where you come across an extremely sweet looking girl. Without realizing the fact that your girlfriend’s ‘detective’ eyes are glued on you, you look at the sweet girl once more and that is the time when an atomic bomb drops on your existing relationship. Goodbye Forever! Don’t call me or text me anymore! Go and stay with her!

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  • April Fool Prank Gone Wrong

Every couple likes to play around with each other. However, on the April Fool’s day when you decide to play a prank on your partner by calling her to a distant place and later telling her that she has been fooled, you have simply nailed your love story in a coffin. “You should be ashamed of this type of cheap prank! How can you call me here in midst of a hot afternoon and joke? Don’t ever show me your face!” You – Trolled, Relationship – Over!

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  • Char Bottle Vodka

A girl is ‘ok’ with your occasional drinking habit. However, if you are literally following Honey Singh’s ‘char bottle vodka.. kaam mera roz ka’, you will be immediately dumped and then you will have the opportunity to sing his other song ‘haan haan main alcoholic hoon..’.

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  • Gentleman turned into a Prankster

Taking your love on a date is so romantic. But be sure that your mood for the rest of the evening remains romantic. Sudden change in your mood can result into a sudden change in your relationship status as well. You greet her and then pull the chair so that she can sit down. Sadly, you do not push the chair ‘in’ once she is ready to sit; and the rest should better remain confidential (severe bruises on different body areas).

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  • Midnight and Phone is Busy

It is few minutes passed midnight and your girlfriend is waiting for your call. Unable to wait any further, she calls you only to find your phone busy. “Kisse baat kar rahe the? Who is Nisha? Raat ko usse kyun baat kar rahe the? Thik hai ab se usse hi baat karna!”

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  • Hectic Day, Got Worse

Not realizing the fact that your girlfriend needs your attention can become a reason to get dumped immediately.

Girl: How was your day?
Boy: Hectic, had a lot of work.
Girl: Hmmm.. missed me?
Boy: Nop, dhyaan hi nahi raha work pressure ke chakkar mein.

Beep, beep, beep (phone disconnected!)

Its no more Bye, Its Goodbye!

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  • Pan Masala and Gutka

Chewing pan masala or gutka infront of your girlfriend is never a good idea (though chewing them in her absence is good either). You are talking to her and continuously spitting. Well congratulations! You have spitted on your love story as well.

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  • Treating her like Every Other Girl

You are in a relationship with a princess and complimenting her is the most important rule! Don’t make her feel special, and you’re axed from the category of “existing” to “ex” partner. Doubt it? Try this someday!

Girl: How am I looking today?

Boy: Hmm.. (smiles) waise hi jaise Ananya lagti hai. Relationship over!

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