10 Blunt Thoughts That Occur To A Guy When She Asks If The Relationship Will Last Forever

A relationship needs a lot of commitment from both the partners and problems start when that commitment seems more like a personal sacrifice. Most guys and girls date for a while before taking the leap so that they understand each other. However, when the girl finally pops the doomed phrase – “Baby, promise me that this relationship will last forever”, these are some quick thoughts that juggle in a guy’s mind under a minute!

1. LOL, let us make it work for a year, first


2. WTF, it is like worrying about college admissions in kindergarten


3. I have trouble committing for a movie plan tomorrow and she is asking me about a relationship that has an indefinite time line


4. I’m glad she didn’t ask about my after life commitments and plans


5. I feel like laughing out loud but she might think I’m an insensitive moron


6. I wish something urgent comes up – may be a call from my boss or some disastrous news


7. May be she too doesn’t want this relationship forever and trying to probe. Hopefully.


8. Or should I play a song, pretend that I’m getting a call and escape


9. After all, this is not a marriage & there is no paper work or lawyers involved. Let me just say YES and jo hoga dheka jayega

giphy (1)

10. And then finally I am like, yaaa, of course baby, I love you and this relationship will last till eternity and after