8 Signs That Show You Share An Excellent Comfort Level With Her

Finding the perfect life partner is tough but will happen at some point in your life. But finding that partner with whom you can totally be yourself is a dream come true. Well, we are not saying that these things will define one’s love but whats the whole point of finding a life partner if you have to fake an attitude all the time. Here are a few things that show you have an excellent comfort level with her.

1. You destroy your burger without shying in front of her with zero etiquette


2. You are allowed to touch her bag 


3. You wear nasty clothes and are least bothered the way you look


4. She waxes in front of you


5. She brushes a nose hair and you don’t feel odd about it


6. She doesn’t mind having water from your deep throated bottle

giphy (1)

7. Popping a pimple doesn’t seem embarrassing anymore

giphy (3)

8. And top of all you can start being natural and FART

giphy (5)