9 Awesome Things to Do on a Date in Hyderabad

Rightly known as the Pearl City, the city is famous for its archaeological monuments, night beauty and great food. While it is still a developing city, there are many awesome things that can be done while on a date. Some of these things are:

  • Go for a cycle date

Nothing is better than showing your date how “healthy” your intentions are! Opt for a cycle ride cum adventurous date by taking your date to Microsoft road-Osman Sagar stretch. The nice and long stretch of lush; beautiful greenery across the sides can’t be more romantic. You can stop wherever you want and enjoy the beauty of both the nature and your date!

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  • Make the nature mystify her

The Hussain Sagar, located near the Tank Road area is agreat plan for weekend date. This place has a breathtaking view and is a mixture of natural as well as man-made marvels. You can take a stroll around the artificial lake which is a great hangout place, especially for couples. It also has anearby park where you both can take a break and relax. If you want to surprise her more, the surrounding area near the lake also has a place for partying!

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  • Old is always gold

In case you want to focus on a rather quiet but cool place, Mochas Café at Banjara Hills road no. 1 will be the best bet. Its hip, its cool and the crowd is awesome. Additionally, you get good food, overwhelming services and actually nice coffee.
Nothing can go wrong when you go classic!

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  • Charm your girl in Bollywood style

In case you both are movie freaks then you are in good luck. You can take your date to Ramoji Film City, also deemed as the biggest studio complex across the globe. Once you have seen all the beauty of the film city, you need not travel much as the place is also filled with beautiful gardens, amusement parks, restaurants and cafes to soothe your evening.

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  • Go for some rock-adventure

If you want to take your date to some quiet but amusing place, then the Society to Save Rocks can be an excellent choice. The society endorses “Road Walks” wherein you can enjoy sweet talks amidst the beautiful natural formations of rock. You can also hop into nearby restaurants and enjoy a nice evening with your date.

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  • Adrenaline Rush

If you and your partner like some adrenaline rush, book your next weekend with the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club and enjoy activities such as paragliding, rock climbing and river rafting.
Mark this, It will be a day to remember!

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  • Snow World

Enjoy a Kashmir in Hyderabad with your date at the Snow World. You will find mountains, play areas, sculptures and slides all made from snow. Apart from that, there is a charming ice hotel with awe-inspiring features. Your girl will surely be charmed by your choice of place.

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  • A day well-spent at Mount Opera Multi-Theme Park Resort

It is a complete package that will not only create a good first impression, but will also give you all that time to talk your heart out and enjoy with your date. This place has everything; which means that you have plenty of options to recover, in case your date doesn’t like something out there!

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  • Hyderabadi Biryani

A date in Hyderabad will not be complete if you don’t enjoy the royal Hyderabadi Biryani. While most of the restaurants are known for authentic biryanis, you can explore places like Bawarchi or Hotel Niagra.

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Main image source: http://blog.ghac.in