7 Weird Ways to Propose your Girlfriend in Delhi

Delhites are famous for their unique style, may it be their way of greeting ($#&@%) or picking up a fight ($#&@%). For Delhites, proposing a girl has to be something hatke, but some take this proposal thing to a whole new level. Here are a few instances, which prove that proposal can be weird and disastrous, if not thought well enough!

  1. In a Hot Air Balloon over Ranthambore National Park

While some would say it is kind of romantic, but is actually weird. First, if you do it during the summers, then it’s the heat that will terrify you more than your girlfriend’s answer. Second, if you propose her during the winters, then it’s the fog that might become the devil rather than your girlfriend’s negative answer.  So proposing her in this way means giving her a heart attack first and then asking for her heart! Beware!


  1. Raj Ghat

Mahatma Gandhi was the Father of our Nation and we still mourn his unexpected death even today. So if you think that proposing your girlfriend in front of Gandhi’s Samadhi is not weird, think of this.

Man 1: Why are these two adults smiling and hugging each other in front of Mahatma’s Samadhi?

Man 2: They must be supporters of Nathuram Godse!! And then your bad time starts!

Image 2


Yes, they would pound on you like a wave!

  1. Delhi Metro

Delhi metro is a place where everyone proves to be either a marathon runner or a muscle man. While it will be extremely weird to place a board asking her to marry you in front of the running and chaotic traffic, it is a good idea if your contingency plan is to hide out in case she says no!

 Image 3


  1. Nicolson Cemetery

Love is a risky business. If you’re lucky, you get the moon; if not, not even penny. If walking through the most haunted graveyard in Delhi is not frightening enough, you propose her between graves. But the risk here is if she says no, then you might have to face the ghosts alone!

Image 4

  1. Delhi Traffic

Delhi Traffic is one of the most horrible traffics across the country. What’s worse is, you plan to pop the question over candle light dinner, and here you are stuck in traffic with your girlfriend, sweaty and exasperated.  So you get out, kneel in front of the car and say, “keep me or run over me!” If she opts for the later, at least she will have to wait till the traffic is clear!


  1. In front of the Parliament

Just when the government is deciding the fate of the nation, you decide to test your own fate and pop her ‘THE’ question in front of the parliament. Not to mention the tight security around the building. The danger is – if they see you kneeling down doing something unusual, you might have to explain the CBI much more rather than your girlfriend.

Image 6

  1. In an AAP rally

So, you and your girlfriend are AAP supporter and both are walking in a rally, listening to the motivational speech by your leader. Suddenly, you get motivated and decide to propose your girlfriend in between the rally. While you may be successful in taking the attention away from the leader momentarily, be sure that you are wearing sports shoes as the supports might come after you!