8 Valid Reasons to Date a Software Engineer

Attention Girls! Software guys are hard not to like. They develop codes all their lives, and for them you will be a prized possession. So here are some pretty good reasons why you should date a software Engineer.

  1. User Friendly

A software Engineer’s life is based on Codes. He is coding all his life and his work is to make all his programs user-friendly. He thinks of other’s welfare more than his own when it comes to work. Chances are he will use the same kind of code (practice) to make himself user-friendly to his girlfriend. His first words when he sees you – “At your service mam!”

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  1. You own the TV

Software Engineers do not have any free time. They are not interested in serials or television shows, because they never watch it. Thus, after a tough day at work, you get to own the TV and watch whatever you want with no fear of him snatching away the remote.

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  1. Your yearly pass to foreign tours

Software Engineers are frequently travelling overseas for work. So if you like exploring exotic foreign lands without having to worry about finances, your software engineer guy is ready to take you there.

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  1. 24×7 tech support, with free cookies

Your laptop is not working? Can’t access the documents you just created? Digital camera working bizarrely? No need to panic. Your software engineer is available with magic hands for any tech support!

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  1. Good Listener

A software Engineer’s daily routine at work is to listen to people very patiently. He deals with so much complicated crap all day long that your worries and problems will be like a sweet hum for him. Whether it is 12 o’clock in the midnight or 7 am in the morning, he is always listening to you.

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  1. No time for ‘another’ love

A Software Engineer’s life is devoid of good girls. Even if there are some girls in his department, he will be too shy to even talk to them. And he doesn’t need to, because after you his next and only love is his laptop.  So if you are dating a Software Engineer, sit back and relax.
Another girl…Not at all!

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  1. You are in-charge of shopping

Yay! You are the boss when it comes to shopping, because your guy neither has any knowledge of latest fashion nor he has much time for shopping. So you get to choose any dress for him and he won’t complain.

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  1. Your real-time reminder of important dates

Can’t remember the important dates such as bill payment or doctor check-up? Don’t worry, your software engineer guy will develop apps to ensure that you are always on time for important meetings, appointments, birthdays and anniversaries. Phew!!

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