9 Quirky Things to do on a Date in Bangalore

Bangalore is a place where sophistication and discipline prevails above all. Here couples date in expensive restaurants and exchange gifts worth a watchman’s quarterly salary. In the midst of such high standards, I present to you some quirky things that you can do on a date in Bangalore.

  1. Wine tasting

Coffee or dinner can be done anytime. But taking your date for a wine tasting tour will be one of its kind experience. Walking through the lustrous wine yards hand in hand will give you both a romantic feeling. Plus, the final wine tasting session will definitely swoon your date off her feet (or maybe, your feet!).

Image 1

An ideal romantic outing.

  1. Go for a cycle date

If your date is a fitness freak, then there cannot be a better dating option that this. Go for a cycling date across Nandi Hills. While you enjoy a thrilling bike ride with your date, she also discovers the healthier side of you.ezgif.com-optimize

However, make sure you don’t accidentally show the funnier side of you!

  1. Give your date a Cinderella experience

If you want to do something different, but not extreme, then take your date to the Bangalore Palace. While walking beside your significant other across the beautiful architecture, you will have ample talking opportunities. At the end, surprise her with a Royal-carriage horse ride and give her a Cinderella experience.

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  1. Break the ice

In case you are meeting your date for the first time, nothing can go wrong with a little laughter. Take her to places like Urban Solace or BFlat where both of you can giggle and get comfortable with each other. However, make sure that your idea of fun doesn’t include making fun of her!

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If you do that, you’ll have to find a new partner to date for the next time.

  1. UB City Skyye Lounge

If you have a fat wallet, then you can impress your date by taking her to UB City Skyye Lounge. It is one of the best ways to show her that you have money, good looks and everything that she desires.Image 5

  1. Chickpet and Commercial Street

For couples who have a thinner wallet than the waist of Anushka Sharma, Chickpet and Commercial Street is an ideal place to date. You get good food and shopping options at the most affordable prices.

Image 6

  1. Shooting in Out of Range

Action lovers can visit ‘Out of Range’ in Bangalore, which is famous for its shooting range services. Sadly, if you do something which disgraces her over there, her next target can be you!

Image 7

  1. Pottery Lessons

In a city like Bangalore, words like infrastructure, development and corporate are common. But if you are looking forward to relive the magic of vintage India, then pottery class is the best place to date. Create distinctive artwork and pots (no, not that Malana stuff!).

Image 8

  1. Visiting the Bangalore Planetarium

You may have watched one of those movies made in the 1990s where the hero promises to bring down the stars and the moon for the heroine. Here is your chance! Go ahead of the movie script and start your first date at Bangalore Planetarium. Ask her which star does she want for herself!Image 9


Main image source: www.thrillophilia.com