10 Things Every Guy Secretly Fears in a Relationship

They say love conquers all. But what happens after that? After that, if the guy tries to talk to another girl, he gets a handful from his girlfriend and a threat to break-up. Men do fear many things when in a relationship and listed-here are some of the most frequent ones.

  1. Adolf Hitler version of Father-in-Law

Nothing is more fearful than having a father-in law who is the modern version of Hitler. You meet a beautiful girl and start having beautiful dreams. But those dreams are crushed halfway when you future father-in-law asks you this, Beta! How much money do you earn? Feel like running right?

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  1. Mumma’s version of ‘Sundar, Sushil Gharelu Bahu

Your girl is daring and fearless. She drinks occasionally, smokes, wears shorts and is blatantly straight forward. While these things attract you towards her, you would never want your mum to know all these qualities about your girl.

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  1. Ladki ka Bhai ‘Don’ Hai

If you have a girlfriend who is extremely pretty, chances are that you will also have a brother in law who is another version of Salman Khan. He has already threatened you with dire consequences if you make her sister sad. Saying no to her is not an option because that will result in broken bones! Your broken bones!

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  1. Cricket or Her – The Ultimate Choice

Girls and cricket rarely go hand-in-hand. You have a cricket match during the weekend and you need to choose between your girlfriend and cricket. No matter what you choose, you will be a loser at the other end!

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  1. Random Shopping Plans – “Aaj Shopping Pe Chale?

Month end is nearing, you are almost broke and suddenly your girlfriend proposes a dreadful idea, ‘let’s go for shopping.’ Saying no will definitely make you seem shallow and cheap and going for it means serious debts! Nothing can be worse than this.

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  1. She has other good looking, male friends

Oh! Yes, you are good looking too. But whenever you meet some of her gym-freaks and Shahid Kapoor look-alike friends, you have this mental war going on inside you. It also drains your confidence, making you feel insecure. And do you know that her male best friend looks like Ranbir Kapoor! Damn!

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  1. “You are not happy with me!”

Sooner or later, every guy hears this in his dating lifetime. Every time you ask for some space or a weekend for your childhood friends, your girl picks up this weapon to take you on her side. Asking for a little space might be difficult if your relationship is a bit clingy.

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  1. “Your beloved habits can no longer be shown!”

Farting and scratching whenever you want, single men are free to do whenever and wherever they want. But having a girlfriend doesn’t even think of doing this in front of her. Finding a place whenever you want some scratch relief might is tedious, god forbid if you get caught.

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  1. The Emotional-Expectation-Trauma: “Mujhe Tumse Ye Umeed Nahi Thi

Indian girls have grown with the idea of a perfect boyfriend and you ought to remain so. I never expected you will take me to this filthy restaurant, I never thought you would start avoiding me; are some of the common fears every Indian boyfriend suffers in his daily life.

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  1. “You are emotionally unavailable!”

Now every committed guy fears this one thing the most. Let’s face it! Your relationship is not going to remain the same lovy-dovey after a few years. Expectations of your partner will often be the same. So if you forgot your anniversary or your first outing together or your first kiss with her, be ready to face this dreadful statement!

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